Garlic Fish Steak ala Jehzlau

March 3rd, 2009

I would like to present to you one of my original Pacham food recipes. If you’re curious watch Pachman means, it’s simply defined as Pachamba-chamba; a short way of saying Pachamba-chamba. Pacham is also known as Paswerte-swerte, in English, Palucky-lucky. If you’re lucky enough, then your Pacham recipe will taste really good! Here’s a picture of my first perfect cooked Fried Tuna with A1 Steak Sauce and Minced Garlic.

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Silverio’s Restaurant in Dagupan City

March 1st, 2009

Some of the SEO practitioners from Pangasinan attended the Search Engine Marketing and Optimization Seminar at Urdaneta City University. After tackling some noseblood topics related to SEO, we all got oh-so-hungry.

Pangasinan-based bloggers went to Silverio’s Restaurant located at Arellano Street, Dagupan City for the much-deserved dinner. We were all hungry yet happy knowing each other more better.

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Guiltless Chocolate Cake by Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

February 4th, 2009

Last October 31, some bloggers who went to the Clear Black Night Halloween dance party had a major fail. Walking inside Mall Of Asia, they hoped to have some dessert at White Hat but discovered that it was already closed (blame it on Byahilo who said it was still open… hehe… peace Eric! 😀 ). Here’s a shot of the “lost” bloggers:

San tayo pupunta ngayon?

Anyway, we were really looking for a place to hang out and talk so we decided to instead go to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf which was obviously, still open. As the bloggers settled in and ordered their drinks and desserts, I had my eye on one of my favorite cakes in CBTL – the Guiltless Chocolate Cake.
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Cupcakes By Sonja

January 24th, 2009

New PG respondent, Fitz went to Cupcakes By Sonja for his first assignment. He specifically chose this place because he distinctly remembers how patay gutom he was during Wordcamp Philippines last year – secretly eating almost a dozen (or more?! sorry I was not counting) of those Sonja’s mini cupcakes while the other WC volunteers were busy with their work. 😛

Anyway, PG respondent Fitz went to Cupcakes By Sonja located at the Serendra Piazza in Taguig City and ordered for himself a Lemon Drop and a Walnut Fudge Brownie. Here are the pictures:

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A Dessert from Iceberg Drives the Stress Away!

January 22nd, 2009

What is the best dessert that can drive all the stress from your body and mind away?


After having dinner at Food Choices Glorietta, PG respondents Winston and Mica went straight to a branch of Iceberg in order to taste two of their best-selling ice creams: The one with Strawberry and Mango (sorry we forgot the exact name nyok) and Banana Split (not Roxanne, Angelica, Valerie and Cristine hehe )

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