Lunchin’ at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

January 24th, 2013

Greek Salad

I don’t do full meals at coffee shops. Well, that would be my typical answer if someone asks me to have lunch or dinner at a coffee shop. Breakfast, of course, is a different story. But the boyfriend and I had no choice when we had to run an errand around lunchtime in Makati.

With virtually every fast food chain filled to the brim with lunch-ers, we just had to choose Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

To be fair though, I will admit that I’ve always been curious about CBTL’s “legitimate” lunch menu. Hence, it wasn’t too terrible that we ended up here.

However, I’ve always hated CBTL’s seriously slow service (what’s up with this?! Every CBTL shop I’ve been too always always ruin my day) so I was pretty annoyed the entire time we were waiting for our food.

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Revisiting The Cafe Mediterranean

January 19th, 2013

Cafe Mediterranean at MOA

The Cafe Mediterranean — or Cafe Med for the tamad (like me) to say the restaurant’s name in its entirety — has always been a good restaurant to visit whenever I’m on the prowl for something exciting yet still relatively familiar. Hmm. Did I just made sense there?
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Quick Eat: Almon Marina’s Fillet Mignon and Roast Beef

December 30th, 2012

Almon Marina's Fillet Mignon and Roast Beef

Almon Marina is far from being pricey, but for some reason, it has always intimated me. Yes, I don’t understand how a simple sandwich bar and deli could do that to me, but yeah, that’s that. Anyway, of the few times I’ve been to Almon Marina, I usually stick to pasta.

Out with the boyfriend one night, I veered away from this normality and dived into their plates of Fillet Mignon and Roast Beef.

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Quiznos: Sandwich Happiness

December 27th, 2012


While I wouldn’t really “die” to try this chain, this friend’s nonstop praises and adoration for this US chain obliged us to stop by Quiznos at Alabang Town center. It was all happenstance, I promise.
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Have You Tried (To) Eat My GF?

December 24th, 2012

Eat my GF

Don’t believe this sign? Well, you better.

We were headed to Ronac for the release event of the Air Jordan XI when a friend said she wants to try Eat My GF. “For real?” I said. Well, believe it. Yes, there’s actually a food stall who boldly named their business Eat my GF. It sounds nasty and lewd and provocative alright, but GF actually stands for Garlic Fries. Pretty smart, huh? They really know how to get people’s attention!

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