Hola TJ’s Mexican Grill!

September 30th, 2012

Like what I did with the photo above? 😀

Anyway, on a lazy Friday night, we trooped to Westgate and enjoyed one of the most relaxing dinner-booze session I’ve had in a while at the yuppie favorite Tijuana’s Mexican Grill. Actually, Manong’s was filled to the brim when we drove by so we ended up here, which isn’t too bad of a choice. Known more as simply TJ’s, they try to be as authentic as possible–from their menu items down to the furnishings (too bad I don’t have floor photos to show).

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You Can’t Go Wrong At Adobo Connection

September 25th, 2012
Adobo Connection, Valero Street, Makati City

Here we are at Adobo Connection’s Valero St., Makati City branch

7,107 Islands. 7,107 Recipes. Adobo Connects Us All. 

That’s Adobo Connection‘s straightforward–but pretty ingenious–slogan. It’s an easy sell, which is why it didn’t take a whole lot of convincing for us to try this new (for us, at least) restaurant. I also have to give it to the two Harvard Business School graduates, who established the restaurant in 2010, for such an interesting logo.  I really love the little bahay kubo on top of the “o.” It’s very Pinoy. 😀
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Giving Thai Food Another Go At Jatujak

September 9th, 2012

Let’s be clear that I’m not a fan of Thai food. Well, that was until I got to try My Thai a couple of weeks ago. Riding on this minor gastronomical hangover, the boyfriend and I stopped by Jatujak one random night. Honestly, I would’ve never stepped foot here if it wasn’t for the awesome experience we had at My Thai. 😀
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The Day I Went to Pho Hoa And Didn’t Have Noodles

September 4th, 2012

Pho Hoa. Please excuse the quality of thy images. It was an impromptu lunch out so I only brought my pangharabas phone with me.

Pardon my absence from the Patay Gutom radar the past month of August. You see, I willingly abstained from frequent lunch-outs and dinner dates as I was seriously concerned my jeans were close to becoming of maternity size. LOL. All it took however, was a workmate craving noodles and there goes my diet plans down the drain. Oh well. There’s still next month to look forward to.

Last Friday (aka the day my diet was buried and forgotten), a bunch of workmates and I cabbed to Paseo Center just to fulfill a friend’s desire to have Pho Hoa noodles for lunch. Paseo Center is now a far-and-away foodie place for me because I now work in Ayala FGU. Before, Paseo Center was a cartwheel away.
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BonChon UST is now open! Hurray!

August 18th, 2012

BonChon UST Takeout
The boyfriend told me that BonChon in the University of Santo Thomas is now open. I didn’t believe him at first because I haven’t read about it online, nobody blogged about it yet, and BonChon UST is not even in BonChon.com (the official website of BonChon Chicken). But he insisted that it’s already open because he saw it with his own eyes!
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