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Unboxing the Awesome Patay Gutom Mugs

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

The picture above is not a Photoshop version of Patay Gutom mugs anymore. It’s super real! As in very very real! The long wait is over! The most awaited Patay Gutom mugs are finally here! Please join me as we unbox the magical Patay Gutom mugs!

Patay Gutom Mugs

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Friends and countrymen! Hear ye, hear ye! I come in peace and I bring you good tidings. It is my honor to introduce to you the latest innovation from Patay Gutom. What you can see above is the preview of our future oh-so-awesome project called “The Patay Gutom Mugs”. The Patay Gutom mugs are black mugs printed with white super awesome Patay Gutom logo together with its awesome URL. Yes… yes… I know it’s not obvious and you cannot see it with your naked eye, that’s why I’m carefully describing what’s printed on the mugs.