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Seafood Overload At Dampa

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Time flies so fast and it’s already the last night of my Manila vacation. My uncle promised to take me and my friends out to dinner in a place that he boasted that we couldn’t find in Davao City.

My uncle is a food enthusiast so wherever he’s taking us, for sure it offers sumptuous dishes. While we’re heading to the place, he kept on telling me the name of the streets and some important landmarks but none of them I remembered. Then we reached a certain compound of restaurants and he told me that we’re just at the back of Mall of Asia. The entrance of the place would clearly tell it’s visitors what kind of food they’re offering. He said we are at the Seaside Market, Macapagal Boulevard, Pasay City or Dampa.

Dinner At Trellis N’ Vines

Friday, March 30th, 2012

It was such a rainy night when me and my two friends looked for a place to have dinner. We drove along Torres Street of Davao City and checked the array of restaurants to find a decent place to eat. We chose to dine at Trellis N’ Vines after seeing that among the restaurants, it was one of those not fully packed. We haven’t seen each other for quite some time and being in a crowded place was really not an option for a chitchat.


Chairless Eating At Zabadani Cafe

Saturday, March 3rd, 2012

It was one of those lazy days when I suddenly want to do something weird but just can’t figure out what it might be. I ended up texting my friends to dine out in a wi-fi resto wherein we can stay long just discussing anything we want.

I have three girl friends and all them suggested that we should stay in Zabadani Cafe. It’s the first middle-eastern food establishment in Davao City that serves “Halalicious” cuisine.