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Have You Tried (To) Eat My GF?

Monday, December 24th, 2012

Eat my GF

Don’t believe this sign? Well, you better.

We were headed to Ronac for the release event of the Air Jordan XI when a friend said she wants to try Eat My GF. “For real?” I said. Well, believe it. Yes, there’s actually a food stall who boldly named their business Eat my GF. It sounds nasty and lewd and provocative alright, but GF actually stands for Garlic Fries. Pretty smart, huh? They really know how to get people’s attention!


Sumo Dog: Sausages With A Japanese Twist

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Cute logo! 🙂

The Galleon Food Avenue is where I usually go to buy lunch. I have seen a number of food stalls come and go because I can only imagine how expensive it must be to run a small business in a building–in Makati, especially!

I don’t need to see how much it really costs to rent a spot to know that. Green Tomato, for example, was a favorite of mine. I thought they were doing good financially but its stall in The Galleon disappeared, leaving my pasta cravings all weepy and sad. I can’t be sure though if it was indeed financial strains that drove them away.

There’s this fairly new food stall in The Galleon called Sumo Dog, a “hotdog” joint sans the hotdog. They serve sausages with a Japanese twist. I’ve never seen someone actually buying something from them so I got curious. I wondered if they were serving overpriced or just plain bad meals. I gave the food stall a chance one Monday afternoon and tried something off their menu.