Happy Creme Puffs in Makati

I first learned about Happy Cream Puffs when my Japanese teacher gave us these custard-filled buns during her birthday last month. At that very instant, I fell in love with this heaven-filled bun. “Krispy Kreme is definitely out of my list”, I thought to my self.

This Panciteria packs in the goodness

Across the street from SM Hypermart on E. Roriguez Jr. Ave. (C5), amidst a collection of small restaurants, a bakery shop and an archery place is a place called Panciteria San Jacinto. Don’t be fooled by the simple name – this uber restaurant packs in the goodness – you will leave with your stomach packed full with great food and a smile on your face with their awesome service.


Times have really changed. Imagine back then, cereals were just part of breakfast together with a good serving of cold milk and a teaspoon of sugar. Back then, the only choices that we have were corn flakes, chocolate pops, rice krispies and fruit loops. Today we have whole grain cereals, honey or sugar coated flakes… Continue reading Cerealicious

Crispy Pata at Crisostomo

I must say, this is the best Crispy Pata I have ever tasted in my life! A thousand points for the crispiness and another thousand points for the sauce!  Their specialties are actually Humba de Lagas, Pinakbet, Ensaladang Erehe and Lechong Kawali.  I haven’t tasted them all but even their not-so-specialty Crispy Pata is quite… Continue reading Crispy Pata at Crisostomo