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Cebu City: I Know I Can Eat Good Here, but What Else is There?

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

Anyone who has been to Cebu City knows that there is no lack of good eating. Whether you’re feasting upon a massive rack of Mexican baby back ribs served fresh at the Mooon Café, or you are finishing out the night at La Marea, eating one of their famous brownie cups, Cebu City has a delectable delight to satisfy just about any palette.

All The Pretty Macarons at Bar Dolci

Saturday, October 20th, 2012
Photo by Jullienne Batoon

Photo by Jullienne Batoon 🙂

I know a feature on the fancy macarons  is a wee bit late since these French pastries have been taking over Manila for quite a while now. You see ’em everywhere and everybody tries to bake these days!

On a Friday night, indulging my sweet tooth is the last on my list of to-do’s. But we were in Burgos Circle, a spot we don’t usually go to for gimmicks or drinking sessions, so we ended up popping into all the cute pastry shops we haven’t tried before just for kicks. One of the restaurants we spotted was Bar Dolci, a cozy cafe and gelateria.