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  • The Pride of Gen San (3 of 3)

    I was already starting to feel full. Full from the food but also from the stories and memories the food brought. Chef Kring truly kept her word. She has transformed the dishes General Santos had to offer and yet still maintained that which was so uniquely Gen San. It was wonderful combination of simplicity and […]

  • The Pride of GenSan (2 of 3)

    I ended the last post with the journey to my memories of General Santos. The beautiful coastline that is Saranggani Bay reminds me of the LA coastline. (FACT: It was built by the US to mimic indeed the LA coastline) For a place stricken with so much conflict and strife, where war and holy battles be it justified or not is present, General Santos is beautiful place. Just in time, the 4 main courses were served

  • The Pride of General Santos City (1 of 3)

    General Santos City is well known for being the home of the People’s Champ, Manny Pacquiao. But for foodie’s like me, General Santos City means so much more. Bordering the line between Sarangani Province and South Cotabato, here lies a burgeoning city where rural life meets urban life.

  • The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Chai Latte

    I usually don’t venture out and try new drinks especially since they cost alot! But I had to try this Chai Latte. My office mates raved about it all the time. How could I pass that up? So I trooped off to the nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (since apparently they have the best). […]