Be a Patay Gutom

Application for new members are now closed. Because… it’s not open anymore. Our sincerest apologies to those who are hoping and dreaming to be part of Patay Gutom. If you want to be a Patay Gutom, you can be a Patay Gutom. Just believe in yourself and be a Patay Gutom! Tell the world and brag to your friends that you are a Patay Gutom, just tell them, and they will believe you, yes.. yes… yo yo! Yeah!

Be part of the most prestigious and elite food blog in the Philippines and around the world! Be a Patay Gutom! To qualify, you should be a Patay Gutom. You crave for food. You love food. You appreciate food. You are willing to write about food. You love to take pictures of food. You are a food addict!

E-mail [email protected] now and state your intention to join this awesome food blog! Your subject should be: I want to be a Patay Gutom. In your message, just tell the Patay Gutom staff why you want to be a part of

That’s it! Be a Patay Gutom! Be proud to be a Patay Gutom!

This is more than just a food blog, this is a Patay Gutom blog!


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