The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Chai Latte

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Boni High Street

I usually don’t venture out and try new drinks especially since they cost alot! But I had to try this Chai Latte. My office mates raved about it all the time. How could I pass that up? So I trooped off to the nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (since apparently they have the best). I ordered my Chai Latte in LARGE so I had no choice but to finish it!

Upon first sip, I immediately found the taste funny. You could definitely taste the tea. But the hint of dairy because of the milk threw me off at first. I remember Chowking serving Chai Tea’s also but never bothered trying those. The more I drank I quickly determined there was Cinnamon in the drink. I took baby sips. Not because I wanted to savor every sip, but rather I was trying to get used to the taste in my mouth.

Chai Latte att P145

Oddly enough, the more I started drinking, the more relaxed I felt. I didn’t feel the sudden on-rush of a sugar rush or caffine craze that comes with the standard espresso/cappucino/latte I usually order, but rather a soothing feeling which probably is because of the tea. It was sweet. Not too sweet though and leaves a Cinnamon-y taste in your mouth.

The experience was new. I slowly enjoyed and patted myself on the back for trying out new things. You grow to like it. I get now why people would like this drink. There is a chance I will be buying this again.

Chai Latte

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