Patay Gutom in Centerstage

Last October 10, 2008, three patay gutoms namely Madz, Mica and Jehzeel attended the Videoke Night of the BMG Marketing team at Centerstage at Jupiter St., Makati City. The two girls are really a part of the team, but due to the insistent demand of Dr. Hayden Kho Jr. of Ako po si Kim Sam Soon, Jehzeel became the special guest that night.

We were really hungry. We were surprised when we saw the room reserved by the boss. There’s this big videoke TV, billiards pool, five sofas and yep yep yep! the buffet table!

Madz, Jehzeel and I literally drank more than ten cans of coke and at least three glasses of iced tea. Whew!

The patay gutoms stayed there from 7:30PM to 3AM. Consumable pa yung food. Can you imagine how full we were? hehe.

We really had a great time – good food, good place, good company and more food hehe till next time! šŸ˜€


  1. hahahaha! oo nga.. sobrang daming food dyan.. unlimited drinks, unlimited food, unlimited lahat.. wahehehe šŸ˜€ sarap šŸ˜€ lalo na pag libre šŸ˜› nyok!

  2. hoy jezzel tita chit to no baka naman pati showbiz pasukin mo na i mean magartista ka na rin he he he! miss you zell ….

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