Mizu: Japanese Restaurant

One school evening, the family was able to eat in a very very delicious restaurant. (no the place is not edible, I am referring to the food) Anyway, this place knew how to impress its customer. Such design caught our attention and we almost forgot that we were hungry until some rumbling sounds started to happen in our stomachs..

Heavenly Chocolates

Cacao (Theobroma Cacao) cocoa plant; “food of the gods”; from the Aztec language word “Cacahuati”. Chocolatier Benjamin Pedro started off the Chocolate seminar with a brief history of chocolates from the Mayans (500 A.D.) who used Cacao beans as currency; the Aztecs (15000) when Hernan Cortez met Montezuma and brought the Cacao-Elite lifestyle to Europe… Continue reading Heavenly Chocolates

Burgoo, the place to get really stuffed

One of my favorite restaurants because of the huge servings and hearty dishes, the Burgoo does not disappoint. My favorite dish is not a main dish but an entrée , the Seafood Caesar Supreme. Not your typical Caesar salad, the Seafood Caesar Supreme is topped with grilled shrimps, fried calamari, crab meat and Parmesan cheese.… Continue reading Burgoo, the place to get really stuffed