Red Mango with no Red Mangoes

Have you been to Red Mango? If yes, then you’re one of the luckiest people on earth who tried this luscious and one-of-a-kind frozen yogurt. If no, then you’re one of those people who must try it! Red Mango’s frozen yogurt is not just your ordinary frozen yogurt. It tastes like more than heaven. It’s like a blend of all delicious desserts around the world in one spoon!

Every spoonful you take to your mouth tastes great, it’s more than every great thing that you’ve experienced before. You can’t explain how delectable and extremely pleasing to the sense of taste it was once you tried it! The awesome Red Mango Portrait above is from Mye Chung. Visit her website to view more terrific photos.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to Red Mango now! Its first and only branch in the Philippines is now open at Trinoma! 3rd Floor, in front of Fitness First.

Trivia: Red Mango was founded in South Korea in the year 2002. It opened its first store in the United States in July 2007 in Los Angeles, California. The company currently has 48 locations, and according to USA Today, will soon be expanding at a rate of a few stores per month. The company raised $12 million in private equity financing in August 2008. Red Mango has a fanpage on Facebook, which can be found at


Red Mango Serving and Prices:
4 oz = 80.00 Pesos
6 oz = 115.00 Pesos
8 oz = 150.00 Pesos
Family Size (refer to the image above) = 220.00 Pesos

1 Topping costs 20.00 Pesos, 2 for 30.00 Pesos and 3 for 40 Pesos.

UPDATE 05/16/09: Red Mango is also available in SM Megamall. Thanks to O.J. Tibi for the heads up and the picture. It’s right beside Breadtalk, Ground Floor, Building A, SM Megamall.

Another Red Mango branch is located at the 2nd floor (thanks to Aeirin for the heads up!), Central Park Veranda of the Eastwood Mall. It’s just Between A Different Bookstore and Thousand Cranes Shabu Shabu. Photos here by Lush Angel.

For more information, visit their website at:


  1. OH I LOVE RED MANGO! I have yet to try the fruit toppings, though. But the yogurt itself is a win, and for more, it comes in pretty cheap huh!

  2. @ojtibi wooot baka bagong bukas lang? hehehe.. eto yung first sa trinoma. please confirm din para ma update ko yung post ko. thanks 🙂

  3. there’s also one restaurant that also serves frozen yogurt. you can try to look for white hat. it also good like the red mango. fun!

  4. yeah meron nsa megamall. Upper Ground Floor of SM Megamall Building A (Beside Breadtalk)

    meron n din sa Eastwood. 2nd floor, Central Park Veranda of the Eastwood Mall (between A Different Bookstore and Thousand Cranes Shabu Shabu)

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