My first Kaya Toast Meal consumption at Kopi Roti

Last Thursday, me and my cousin Chari went for another spontaneous hangout at Greenbelt 3 in Makati. Due to the traffic that night before the holiday last Friday, we were not able to make it on time for our movie schedule. So we just ate the night away at Kopi Roti.


On the first picture is just a Milo Chocolate Drink at Kopi Roti. It’s one of the options for changing the default drink from the set of meals offered there. A 5-peso extra charge from the total of the bill…hehehe, I don’t drink coffee anymore because I’m allergic to it already. :p

Kopi Roti Kaya Toast by Maki Eduardo

These are what they call the Kopi Roti Kaya Toasts. A Kaya Toast plainly toasted bread filled with butter and a ‘kaya’ spread that’s usually a popular item in Singapore. Kaya is a.k.a Coconut Jam. πŸ™‚

Kopi Roti Soft-Boiled Egg by Maki Eduardo

This is Kopi Roti’s Soft-Boiled Egg with their special soy sauce and topped white pepper. My cousin Chari told me that it goes well with the Kaya Toasts…and it tasted good when I dipped my Kaya Toasts with it.

I have always been familiar with the name of the cafe ever since I was studying in the Ateneo during my college years. I’ve heard much good feedback about it and especially for their coffee buns. On that night however, I chose to eat one of their set meals recommended by my cousin. Maybe I’ll just do a review of what the famous coffee bun tastes like next time I eat there. πŸ˜‰


  1. Meron din Kopi Roti dito sa Batangas city – competition sila ng Starbucks. :p

    Still looking for a great coffee place that features Kapeng Barako. Hmm. Anybody know where?

  2. @jehz – Meron ba dun?! Mas madalas kasi ako sa Starbuko. Pero sa GB3, ok dun ang Cafe Breton – sarap ng crepes! For coffee, I prefer Figaro, nasa taas nga lang.

    @micamyx – tara! :p

  3. i love KAYA TOAST!! i can’t miss to order that wben we’re in Singapore!

    I love Kopi Roti’s coffee bun as well.. YUMMY!!

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