Drive the Heat off with Razons Halo-Halo!

What is the best way to ward off the intense heat from your body? Try Razons Halo-Halo! It will blow your mind! 😀


Newly Certified Patay Gutom Respondent John and his significant other went to Razons Mall of Asia to try their Halo-Halo just to drive off the instense heat. To our delight, it didn’t only ward the heat off our bodies. It also blew our minds away (well not literally, nyok).


As far as my eyes and taste buds can recall Buko, Leche flan, Milk and Ice (duh) we’re the most evident ingredients. We tried to ask the waiter for the recipe however he said that they were not allowed to give out the recipe. A tall glass of Halo-Halo costs P70.00, fair enough for a mind-blowing ice-perience. 😛


At first look, I thought it wont satisfy my taste buds unreasonable standards. But after finishing the first glass, I went ahead to get another one. And another one. Truly a work of art for a Patay Gutom like me.

If you have’nt tried Razons Halo-Halo, you might be missing half of your life! 😀


  1. NAkakain na ako ng razons sa may banawe… masarap ang food nila.. and specialty nga nila ang halo halo.. the best…

    habang nababa ay nasarap… *batangueno accent*

  2. Sarap nyan pramis. gusto ko pnta mamaya. haha


    Yup, at 1st pag tinignan mo akala mo di masarap kasi ang onti ng halo. kaso pag tinikman mo na nakakabitin. hahaha

  3. wow..masarap yan PROMISE..kahit di masyadong madami yun sahog,.. worth it yun 50 pesos.. masarap din yun dinuguan (pasintabi sa mga INC) at puto nila… pati palabok.. haha

  4. love it.. i don’t like beans and kaong kasi in my halo-halo 😛

    sana lang may nata de coco and ube!!

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