The Ko-Yo at BonChon

Yes, this is a post about the severely popular restaurant Bon Chon Chicken. No, this is not another rave about how awesome their chicken wings or chops are.

I was in Alabang Town Center trying to figure out what food to bring home to my sick boyfriend when I bumped into a good college friend of mine headed to BonChon. I decided to tag along since he was alone that night and so was I.

Now, dessert is the last thing you would think of ordering at a restaurant like Bonchon Chicken but we dared explore the menu and try out their Korean frozen yogurt. Here, we fondly call it “froyo” but theirs is neatly called “Ko-Yo.” We went with the Banoffee Pie flavor, as I wanted to relive the taste of Banapple’s banoffee pie. Blueberry lovers will perhaps like the Blueberry Torte.

Besides being much cheaper than Red Mango or Golden Spoon, BonChon’s froyo–err, Ko-Yo–is really good too. It’s a superb burst of ice-cold banoffee pie that’s refreshing and insanely addictive. The caramel sauce is not sickeningly sweet as well, which I guess is their secret to keep customers hooked. Plus, how can you go wrong with caramel sauce drizzled over bananas? Haha! I promise, you won’t get tired of the flavor easily, and instead you’ll find it difficult to stop scooping spoonfuls of this cup of yogurt.

I promised I won’t blog about their chicken wings because I’m pretty sure everyone is aware of how awesome they are. Here’s my take-away bag. Inside is a dozen chicken wings–half-and-half. Yum! 😀


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