Cellos Doughnuts and Dips at the SkyGarden

Cellos Doughnuts & Dips SM SkyGarden by Maki Eduardo

If you were also from Ateneo like me, you probably grew up most of your years eating the cute doughnuts with the yummy dough from Cellos Doughnut and Dips. 😀 It’s one of the coolest business projects that materialized from a fellow Atenean.
I grew up in studying along Katipunan Avenue in three different schools from grade school until college. And I only became aware of the existence of this doughnut chain when I was a college freshman in the Ateneo.

When I was strolling along SM North’s Skygarden after going to Powermac Annex I got so giddy seeing a Cellos Doughnuts and Dips Branch just near our area. Woot! 😀 Now I don’t have to drive all the way to Katipunan just to my favorite box of assorted cocktail doughnuts. Awesome! I’m also happy that Ms. Cello’s business is doing great.

Cellos Doughnuts & Dips SM SkyGarden by Maki Eduardo

When I entered Cellos Doughnuts and Dips, I was immediately greeted by the cheerful staff. I told them I was happy because Cellos is finally here way up North, as well as the fact that I haven’t eaten a box of cocktail doughnuts for almost a year to this date. I don’t really mind finishing a full box of assorted mini-doughnuts during that time. The doughnuts are just yummy, and perfect to pig out with! Hehehe… :mrgreen:

Cellos Doughnuts & Dips SM SkyGarden by Maki Eduardo

Cellos Doughnuts & Dips SM SkyGarden by Maki Eduardo

Cellos Doughnuts & Dips SM SkyGarden by Maki Eduardo

I don’t know what happened the time I got my box of cocktail doughnuts… I used to have 12 doughnuts in a box on every order, and it seems that a box already contains 15 doughnut flavors. It must have been my lucky day or Cellos just increased the number of doughnuts in a box. :p

Cellos Doughnuts & Dips SM SkyGarden by Maki Eduardo

I was one of the first ones in their store, so in turn they gave me a set of coupons to consume until next year! Woot woot! 😀 Thank you Cellos. ^_^ Now I can have my favorite doughnuts 2 avenues away from our home. I can also order their wonderful birthday doughnuts, wherein they bake customized letters for a Happy Birthday message or what! Awesome. 😎





5 responses to “Cellos Doughnuts and Dips at the SkyGarden”

  1. jehzlau Avatar

    sarap! di pa ako nakapunta dito! waaaaaaah!

  2. Rommel Avatar

    I also have those coupons. Napanalunan ko sa isang Jologs quiz show.
    🙂 Ayos. Mag cellos ako bukas!

  3. reyjr Avatar

    I had some last weekend. Hehe. Sarap nito, everyone should try it!

  4. an Avatar

    sarap talaga ng dougnuts sa cello’s. friendly ng staff.

  5. Pat Avatar

    Never been to the Katipunan branch. I always check their branch in Taft and in Greenhills. I love Cello’s Duoghnut!

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