Krispy Kreme Obsession

Krispy Kreme Choco Cake Doughnut

If you haven’t noticed yet, around here at Patay Gutom, we’re obsessed with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  Just the smell of a freshly made batch of original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts is enough to make our mouths water and our hearts flutter in excitement.

Krispy Kreme NY Cheese Cake

Craving for some hot coffee and Krispy Kreme doughnuts one Saturday night, my girlfriend and I passed by the branch on Bonifacio High Street – it was already way past bedtime for a lot of the kids there who were still running around, high on sugar. Lol!

After a couple of doughtnuts – Choco Cake and NY Cheese Cake – and a cup of smooth brewed coffee each, we were much the same, laughing and giddy, except that we kept to our seats. Hehe. (Sorry, we each took a bite already from the NY Cheese Cake doughnut when I remembered to take a photo!)

Before we left, (a bit disappointed we didn’t get any freebie doughnuts) we bought a dozen more to bring home to our families so that we can all be one-big-sugar-high-happy family. 😀

This whole box of mouth watering Original glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts below is reserved for PG Jehzlau who celebrated his birthday last week – he says it’s his favorite! Belated HBD! (super late na hehe). Penge ng isa ha.

Krispy Kreme 5





12 responses to “Krispy Kreme Obsession”

  1. Jena Isle Avatar

    My Favorite too Rey, but it’s Gonuts Donuts and chocolate…Yummy.

  2. Badong Avatar

    I looove Krispy Kreme! Bu tnothing beats Dunkin. hehe.

  3. jan geronimo Avatar

    Ay sus, nagregalo nga kay Jehz binawasan pa. Ahahaha.

    Love this line: “we bought a dozen more to bring home to our families so that we can all be one-big-sugar-high-happy family.”

  4. reyjr Avatar

    @Jena Isle – Haha! OK din ang Gonuts Donuts. We went there often before Krispy Kreme came along ang hogged the spotlight. lol.

    @Badong – Dunkin is great too – I like the small munchkins. 😀 Another good doughnut brand is “Cello’s” along Katipunan Rd. Maybe I’ll do one on them too!

    @Lolo Jan – Hehehe! Isang kagat lang. ahaha!

  5. jehzlau Avatar

    wow cool! ikaw ang first na gumamit ng image na naka float sa left. It looks cool! parang magazine! hehehe 😀

    Favorite ko talaga ang Original Glazed! Thanks sa gift reyjr! hahahaha! mauubos ko to agad in just a few seconds! ROOOARRRRRRRRRR!!!!

    1. reyjr Avatar

      @Jehz – You’re welcome. Next time real gift naman. 😉 Woot!
      Sensya na hindi ko sinunod ang 500px policy! Ahehe. I’ve been known to be a rule breaker an innovator. Hehe!

      @Maki – Oo nga! Sino ba kasi post ng post ng madaling araw? :p Hehehe!

  6. Maki Avatar

    Ako naman papalit kay ada ngayon….:P

    Bakit ganitong oras palagi may bagong post sa PG? Hahahaha… nagugutom tuloy ako! Rwarr!!!

  7. Erick Avatar

    wow! I think Filipinos are into Krispy Kreme, well me too. Actually, it’s buy one take one with coffee here in Q8. Love the way they make the dough. Btw, visited your site many times just now I dropped some comments.

  8. reyjr Avatar

    Hey Erick – aha! a lurker comments! 😀 We love comments as much as KK doughnuts.. no wait.. hm… lemme think about that. haha!

    Buy one take one!? Awesome deal Erick – is that Q8 the country? (Beating my brains think about what it means…)

  9. Ada Avatar

    Ahahaha!! @Maki, good thing ngayon ko siya nabasa at hindi madaling araw hahaha!!
    @Rey, another KK post yay! In maga style!

    Ang mga patay gutom gising na gising kapag madaling araw!! 😀

  10. madz Avatar

    Rey, haven’t you tried the new Oreo Krispy Kreme?

  11. reyjr Avatar

    @Ada – yun pala tawag dun? Maga style. Ahehehe. Gising na gising dahil sugar high nga!

    @madz – di pa. pero msarap yun Oreo Cheesecake sa Starbucks. Gusto ko yun. lol.

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