BonChon UST is now open! Hurray!

BonChon UST Takeout
The boyfriend told me that BonChon in the University of Santo Thomas is now open. I didn’t believe him at first because I haven’t read about it online, nobody blogged about it yet, and BonChon UST is not even in (the official website of BonChon Chicken). But he insisted that it’s already open because he saw it with his own eyes!

It’s also a great thing if there’s a BonChon branch in UST so that we’ll never go to Robinsons Place Manila whenever we are craving for the crispy goodness of BonChon Chicken. Anyway, BonChon Davao is also not in the official list of BonChon branches, but it’s already open, as blogged by the Traveling Nomad and other Davao-based bloggers.

Because I’m a certified Patay Gutom and to prove my boyfriend’s claim that BonChon UST is really really really open, we went to UST [just a while ago] and I finally believed the boyfriend that it’s really open! It’s overcrowded with UST nursing/med students, random Thomasians, and random people who loves BonChon. The place is quite small (about 8 or less tables inside) compared to other BonChon branches that I’ve been to, but it’s clean and comfy. I think it just opened this week or last week. I didn’t know that exact date, but who cares anyway as long as it’s already open.

And because it’s already open, we went inside and ordered our favorite medium Chicken Wing (that’s 12 pcs), half soy and half spicy to go. We waited for around 15 minutes and we got our order. I’m soooo happy because finally, a BonChon branch near me is now open. And whenever I want to eat BonChon, I can simply walk for 2 minutes and satisfy my cravings.

If you’re here reading this post because you want proof that BonChon UST is now open, then here’s the proof.
BonChon UST Receipt

They don’t have a phone number yet and I think they will never have one as it’s only a pick-up and takeout only branch.

Whenever you’re craving for BonChon in you’re somewhere in Manila near UST, you know where to go! It’s on the 2nd floor, multi-deck car park inside UST.

BonChon UST Open Hours: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Monday to Sunday (7 days a week).

TRIVIA: BonChon now has more branches in the Philippines compared to the US and Korea.

PS: Ooops. I just checked Twitter and a lot already tweeted about it. BonChon UST just opened last August 15, 2012 according to BonChon Philippines Twitter account. I thought I was the first one to write about this online, but it’s already tweeted a lot in Twitter. Hahaha! I should have checked Twitter first before checking Google. Arrghh.





6 responses to “BonChon UST is now open! Hurray!”

  1. jehzlau Avatar

    nice! it’s near my place toooo! Gonna check this out! 😀

  2. Finch Avatar

    Nice trivia. I never knew that BonChon now has more branches in the Philippines compared to any other countries on planet Earth!

  3. Thea Avatar

    uy bonchon in my alma mater! makapunta nga dito bukas! Hahahaha!

  4. jason k Avatar

    ayun may BonChon na nga sa UST, kaka google ko lng eto agad nakita ko! Tamang tama right on time ang post mo papunta kami ng mga kaberks ko now! Thanks PG and Leslie!

  5. Veej Avatar

    grabe ah. halos kompleto na lahat ng kainan sa UST. 3 days ago pa pala to nag open! Wow!

  6. nice Avatar

    mey BonChon na rin sa SM City Davao! yey! =)

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