Mix it up with a hog roast for different occasions


What occasions are perfect for a hog roast?

A hog roast provides a versatile feast for any occasion. At first glance you may conclude that a hog roast may not be a good catering decision for your special event because some people don’t eat pork. However, most people enjoy the exquisite taste of a hog roast feast with all the fixings, making a hog roast a popular catering option for your event. For those that don’t there are always substitutes available from hog roast catering companies like The Roasting Pig and others across the UK that will accommodate all dietary requirements for those wanting pork as their primary catering option.

A Medieval Themed Hog Roast

A hog roast is a superb idea for your medieval themed celebration. Satisfy the primal nature of your guests with an entertaining and memorable event. The main activity will centre around the hog roast itself. Be sure to choose the perfect side dishes for your medieval celebration. You may have to update the traditional medieval fare for the modern palate. A couple of historic medieval sides still popular today are classic sage bread dressing and home-made apple sauce. Include a fresh green and herb salad, and maybe a traditional side of marinated slow roasted onions. Historically the medieval cuisine included savoury and sweet pies and tarts. A good choice for a savoury meat pie is an authentic steak and ale pie or a medieval chicken pie with cardamom and nutmeg spices. Add a simple vegetable side like fresh green peas with butter and seasoning. Finally, for dessert choose a sweet apple or cherry fruit pie, or a custard tart.

A Mexican Themed Hog Roast

How about a hog roast with a Mexican twist? This is an excellent party idea, adding to the festive atmosphere of your social gathering with a fusion of flavors and linen chair covers for the decoration, is it heard well, right? Include the Mexican theme into your whole cuisine by beginning with starters such as nachos and guacamole. A perfect side dish for this meaty main is the traditional Mexican duo, spicy black beans and yellow rice. Add a fresh green salad with jalapeno cilantro dressing and a stack of corn tortillas to your menu. Dessert is rarely served at a Mexican hog roast, but if want to serve dessert try churros with hot chocolate or pastel de tres leches (three milks cake).

A Hog Roast for a Wedding

A hog roast is a brilliant idea for your wedding celebration, especially for a vintage wedding. Wedding pig roasts are becoming a popular alternative to the traditional fancy sit down dinner. A wedding hog roast menu is a great option to make your special day unique. Choose some special side dishes such as a pasta prawn salad, a waldorf salad, or a wild rice salad. Then add a seasonal vegetable medley and a fresh field greens salad with champagne viniagrette. And finally for dessert, highlight your wedding cake.

A Christmas Themed Hog Roast

The Christmas season is such a festive time to celebrate with food and drink. Why not appeal to your guests with a traditional hog roast for your Christmas celebration? A hog roast is perfect for the winter season, providing meaty warmth and aromatic seasonal sides which will surely delight your guests. A wonderful spiced cherry port sauce is perfect with pork and will embellish your yuletide main dish. Start off with a few canapes to tantalize the taste buds such as smoked salmon crostini bites or grilled veggie skewers. Continue the festive theme by choosing the perfect salads and side dishes to complement the main event. Choose an attractive and tasty side like roasted sweet potatoes with cranberry agrodolce and a classic side like home-made apple sauce. Creamed corn and onions is a luscious accompaniment to roasted pork, and an apple, carrot, and beet slaw dressed in a caraway seed vinaigrette adds a splash of colour and flavour to the buffet table. Finally impress your guests with a festive Yule log or a Christmas trifle for dessert.

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