Lucky Me Baked Mac Instant Macaroni

Lucky Me Baked Mac

NEW PATAY GUTOM DISCOVERY: Lucky Me Baked Mac Instant Macaroni

Last Friday midnight, I went to my favorite 24hrs convenient store to get something to eat. I discovered the Lucky Me Baked Mac Instant Macaroni product. Since I am a fan of their Instant Spagetti, I decided to give this one a try and Lucky Me! This is a good find!


Lucky Me Baked Mac Instant Macaroni w/o the sauce

How do you prepare your Lucky Me Baked Mac Instant Macaroni? It is just as similar as how you cook your instant pansit canton. Boil the macaroni for four minutes with constant stirring. Filter the water and place the macaroni in a bowl/plate then mix it with the sauce. Presto! You have your instant baked mac!

Lucky Me Baked Mac

Lucky Me Baked Mac Instant Macaroni w/ the sauce

I personally would like to give the people behind this product a round of applause. As I write this entry, more and more bloggers are getting curious about this product. The serving is just too small for Patay Gutom respondents like me, so I suggest that you purchase two packs so satisfy your baked mac cravings.


9 responses to “Lucky Me Baked Mac Instant Macaroni”

  1. Meikah Avatar

    Will definitly check this out! Thanks for the tip. 😉

  2. Ada Avatar

    Aba may ganito pala ang lucky me!! Kain tayu nito next time sa SG 😛

  3. rockstar1 Avatar

    Lasang Gamot! at hanggang tatlong subo lang… sorry pero Nissin’s Demae Ramen pa ren ako, atleast nakakabusog yun.

  4. Neil Avatar

    Masarap talaga to.. May free taste sila one time at my friendly neighborhood supermarket. Yummy.

  5. TSI Avatar

    I have tasted it na..great, yum yum..mahal nga lang P13 ba?

  6. orville barba Avatar

    wow.. na try ko yan… masarap…

  7. Nel Avatar

    Mukhang masarap..masubukan nga..hehe

  8. mister llama Avatar

    haha! masarap nga xa.! Natikman ko xa last sunday! Lasa xang lasagna..Ewan ko ba kung tama ang panlasa ko o nabubulok na tastebuds ko..=]

  9. geraldhermoso Avatar

    wow lparang na slall langit masarap wala bang baked mac with chilli

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