Cebu City: I Know I Can Eat Good Here, but What Else is There?

Anyone who has been to Cebu City knows that there is no lack of good eating. Whether you’re feasting upon a massive rack of Mexican baby back ribs served fresh at the Mooon Café, or you are finishing out the night at La Marea, eating one of their famous brownie cups, Cebu City has a delectable delight to satisfy just about any palette.

However, with that being said, eating can only take up so much time (although sometimes I wish I was constantly enjoying a feast), and then you’re going to be stuck trying to figure out what to do. In all actuality, you shouldn’t be stuck for too long considering this bustling metropolis in the heart of Cebu is loaded with different activities.

One thing you must remember is that Cebu City does allow gambling. That’s right! No longer are you confined to to feed your urge. Although fun, online casinos just don’t compare to actually battling your opponent face-to-face at the poker table. And if card games are not your thing, you will be delighted to know that there are several other types of games such as craps, baccarat, and of course, slot machines.

Hopefully you emerge from the casino victorious, boasting a decent-size wad of cash. While keeping it would be just lovely, blowing it all at one of the many nightclubs sounds much more fun, doesn’t it? Cebu City is home to some of the most popular night clubs, where drinks overflow, and dancing (however ridiculous is may be) takes over the hearts of many, young and old alike.

Indeed, it is probably about time for another brownie cup at La Marea. A day and night out in Cebu City can wear down just about anybody; especially if you spend the majority of your time at the club. Whether you’re shopping, eating, relaxing, gambling, dancing, or clubbing, you most likely will not encounter a dull moment in Cebu.

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  1. Andrea Avatar

    you’re right! i was able to visit cebu city once and tried Cafe Verde’s baby back ribs and it’s so yummy… =)

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