Playing Favorites: Mexicali

Mexicali is one of my favorite affordable restaurants in Manila. I’ve been here so many times already but I feel like this is only the first time I saw their logo. Perhaps its because I don’t really browse their menu and instead choose to pick what I’m having via the massive board above the cashier? I could be wrong though. Tell me, is this really their logo? Or is this a new one? 😀

Usually I would order a regular burrito and a separate order of quesadillas. That particular night however, I was feeling partially full so I controlled my appetite and went with a more conservative meal–the Combo 3 (tacos + four quesadillas).

This one’s such a disappointment. The quesadillas were falling apart because there were barely enough cheese to hold the two tortillas. The taco was just as depressing because I couldn’t taste anything. I guess it was a mistake to order from their Combo selection. Next time, I’m ordering the regulars instead.

Even my best friend’s choice–Combo 5, methinks–was the picture of the saddest dinner ever. How tiny is that burrito?! My friend was laughing like a lunatic when the waiter approached our table to serve it to her. It’s probably the tiniest burrito we’ve ever seen. 😀

Just to clarify though, Mexicali’s combo meals come with two options. The other one’s small and the other’s well, uhm, regular. We chose the small ones because we assumed “regular” is similar to their normal sizes. Apparently that’s not the case. So, when you’re in Mexicali and torn–stay away from the “small” plates. 😀






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  1. Finch Avatar

    I think that’s their new logo. It was changed a bit, but the colors are still the same.

    PS: I looove mexicali burritos!

    1. corrine Avatar

      I love their burritos though–the real big ones though. 😀

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