Singapore Food: Charsiew and Wonton Noodles

This is another blog post of what I ate at the Chinatown Complex in Singapore. Me and other bloggers were not really supposed to eat there because we were actually planning to look for a great chili crab place during lunchtime. It turns out there wasn’t any chili crab meal to find at the Chinatown Complex. :p

Charsiew and Wonton Noodles Meal in Singapore by Maki Eduardo

Charsiew and Wonton Noodles

I only limited myself to have a mazimum of 10SGD per meal and thank goodness! With only 10SGD I can eat what I want in adequate servings and quality-wise the food at the Chinatown Complex is great.. Again, I had another Charsiew meal in Singapore, but the difference this time is that the Charsiew is topped on noodles with some extra wonton side dish. The meal only cost me 4SGD and 1SGD for a soda drink and I was already full. 😉

Chinatown Complex Singapore by Maki Eduardo

Inside Chinatown Complex

Maxwell Food Center Singapore by Maki Eduardo

Inside the Maxwell Food Center

Honestly, what I can just say about eating at the Chinatown Complex is that the place isn’t that clean as compare to the other eating place- the Maxwell Food Center. I can say however that the food is affordable at the Chinatown Complex, one can also take pictures of the big pagoda there. 🙂

Pagoda at the Chinese Complex Singapore by Maki Eduardo





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    i sooo love the noodles in singapore!! 😀

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    wooooooot! I miss tiong bahru!!!!

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    Let’s get back thereeee!

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    i miss singapore!!!

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