The Patay Gutom key chains are finally here!

Yehey! The Patay Gutom Key chains are finally here! WohooOoo! Yes! Asteeegggg!!! A lot can’t believe and a lot were asking repeatedly that if this is for real. Yes guys, it’s real, it’s very real! I can even hold it with my bare hands! Woooot!

To avail of this limited edition Patay Gutom key chains, all you need to do is leave a comment below and tell us why Patay Gutom rocks.

For example: Patay Gutom rocks because ____________________.

After stating your reason of why Patay Gutom rocks, and your reason really “rocks”, then we’ll send you a free Patay Gutom key chain.


Of course we’ll e-mail you first and we’ll ask for your mailing address before sending the key chain.

Only the first 50 commenters (with a reason that rocks) can avail of this super duper exclusive offer! So tell us why we rock now! [This contest is open to Philippine residents only]

UPDATE 12/28/2009: Thanks to everyone who left a comment and stated their reasons why Patay Gutom rocks. Please wait for an e-mail from [email protected]. We’ll be sending the keychains to your specified mailing address early next year. Happy new year to everyone!

PS: Special thanks to for these super awesome Patay Gutom key chains.






79 responses to “The Patay Gutom key chains are finally here!”

  1. Mikko Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because it makes me drool.

  2. micamyx Avatar

    Ang cute talaga! Naks, shirt na lang kulang may merchandise na tayo! πŸ˜€

  3. kae Avatar

    PatayGutom Rocks because walang english counterpart ang “phrase” na ito and it’s rocking my tummy everytime there’s a new post. SARAPPPP dito! =)

  4. Carlos Avatar

    LOL Mica, sabi ko nga diretso resto na eh. the resto that blogging built! LOL

  5. reyjr Avatar

    PatayGutom rocks because ampogi ni Jehzlau.

  6. reyjr Avatar

    Carlos – hmmmm…. interesting. Anong food types?

  7. Lord Allen Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because the other food blogging sites suck! πŸ˜€

  8. aeirin Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because Patay Gutom grabbed the Best Website award in the Food Category in Digital Filipino Web Awards 2009!!!

    seryoso b sagot ko? hehehe ang cute tlga ng keychain (crossed fingers)

  9. Iris Avatar

    Patay Gutom Rocks because that’s who I am. I am not afraid to tell the whole Universe that I’ll die if I don’t work my butt off. Isang kahig isang tuka!

  10. leirs Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because Patay Gutom Correspondents are the BEST!!!

  11. ohmski Avatar

    PatayGutom rocks because you have your own keychain na! haha

  12. Christian Homeschooler Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because you guys turned a nasty name calling label into something cool — a blog that foodies can check out every so often. πŸ™‚

  13. Meynard Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because its posts makes my stomach say “You’re Rocking it out!”.


    ok na ba yan?? hehe.. πŸ˜€

  14. Edison Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because of its mouth watering foods in every article

  15. ria Avatar

    patay gutom rocks because it gives the words patay gutom a whole new meaning!!! Plus mamamatay ka sa gutom sa kababasa dito!!!

  16. Raz Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because they are giving away free keychains. Patay Gutom rocks because when i searched for patay gutom in google, its on the top of the list. Patay Gutom rocks because they will not forget to send me my free keychain. (subtlety has never been one of my virtues)

  17. jonsky13 Avatar

    Pataygutom rocks because I always drool and salivate reading this blog!

  18. frannywanny Avatar

    patay gutom ROCKS because of its mouthwatering photos and uber talented contributors *wink wink* merry xmas guys!! haha

  19. frannywanny Avatar

    este correspondents pala *toink*

  20. Pinay Mommy Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because it makes a patay gutom out of me! πŸ˜€

  21. czarles Avatar

    cool keychain! πŸ˜€

  22. JayL Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because it’s like a boat. Sit down sit down your rocking the boat.

  23. Sarah Avatar

    PatayGutom rocks because this food blog is unpretentious – meaning, you don’t need a dictionary to decipher what the contributors really want to say.

  24. fjordz Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because they’re patay gutoms! Imagine? Nagbablog ang mga patay gutom? And they’re even proud of it! See! You really rocks! Apir!

  25. Melody Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because they feature restaurants that are uncommon

  26. Carlos Avatar

    patay gutom rocks because stone cold said so!

  27. brian miller Avatar

    patay gutom rocks because they make me hungry every time i stop by…

  28. Ada Avatar

    Next time totoong pataygutom restau na πŸ™‚

  29. arturo d. zambrano Avatar
    arturo d. zambrano

    patay gutom rocks because iba kyo sa lahat tlagang da best in any angle. sarap!

  30. arturo d. zambrano Avatar
    arturo d. zambrano

    champion kyo kahit saq recipe!

  31. Kyle Avatar

    Patay gutom Rocks because it gives free keychain to the 17th commenter =)

  32. Aimee A. Avatar
    Aimee A.

    Patay Gutom rocks because… i belong! yeah! hehe…

    Gimme gimme gimme free keychain!!! weee!!!!

  33. eleanor h. Avatar
    eleanor h.

    patay gutom rocks simply bcoz it COMPLETES me….wehehhehe

  34. desiree Avatar

    patay gutom rocks because you know what we crave for…hehehe

  35. errol Avatar

    Patay gutom Rocks because you guys give us ideas where to go when our stomachs and taste buds crave for something.. basta kainan, ayos! patay gutom por layp! πŸ™‚

  36. John B. Nerecena Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because they widen the horizon of there readers when it comes to foods.Makes the readers enjoy and crave, “da best-da best na, ayos-ayos pa”.

  37. prosti Avatar

    patay gutom rocks because it never fails to whet my appetite and gave me a new perspective about food and dining.

  38. Richie Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because I don’t know how this blog makes money and yet it can give away freebies like this keychains. (Not to mention you have the Patay Gutom mugs too.) Hmmm.

    1. jehzlau Avatar

      @Richie hahaha… can make money in stealth. Woooooooot!

      PS: teka binili mo kay Paolo ang wooooooot!

  39. emj Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because it makes me gutom.ΓΌ

  40. Cristal Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because title plang nakakagutom na, LOL! πŸ˜›

  41. geb0i Avatar

    Patay Gutom really rocks because it really quenches the hunger within my stomach. Uber cool. I love more Mouthwatering and tasty treats. I am adding it up to my blogroll.

  42. Japaul Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because of the noble concept, extreme food trip, catchy and very Filipino featuring tons of delicious and delightful foods. πŸ˜€ gusto!

  43. Perla Olaso Avatar
    Perla Olaso

    Patay Gutom Rocks Because of the awesome high quality pix of the foods that I love! It makes me hungry!!!

  44. benj Avatar

    Dapat meron din ako! :p

    Patay Gutom is a great site. why?
    Because I read it.

    1. jehzlau Avatar

      Syempre meron ka din. Hehehehe… πŸ˜›

  45. mike Avatar

    patay gutom rocks because he features places that are not featured in other blogs.

  46. Japaul Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because of the noble concept, extreme food trip, catchy and very Filipino featuring tons of delicious and delightful foods.

  47. Gerald Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because this make my dead tummy pets kickin and alive!!!!!!!!!! delisyoso!

  48. PetiBurges* Avatar

    PATAY GUTOM ROCKS BECAUSE no one else creates a mad dog out of human form. (translation: tulo laway na nga sa mga pagkain, nauulol pa sa freebies. lols)

  49. Tyrone | Millionaire Acts Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because it’s a food blog for all those patay na patay na sa gutom kaya laging natatakam ang mga gutom na visitors ng patay gutom.

    Pwede na ba yun Kehz? haha.

  50. Richie Avatar

    @jehzlau, sana alam ko din yung stealth way of making money, hehe

    Di ko kilala si Paulo personally. Kay Yatot yun. May nagbigay daw sa kanya ng Tapos nagcollaborate kami for the blog.

    1. jehzlau Avatar

      @Richie – ah.. si Paolo Mendoza may ari nyan dati. Ako pa nga sana bibili nyan sa Godaddy kasi ayaw pumasok ng paypal niya. Pero after a day gumana naman ulit Paypal niya. Baka binigay ni Paolo kay Yatot. hehehe. πŸ˜€ Woooooooot! Ganda ng domain na yan eh. hehe. πŸ˜€

      PS: Malalaman mo din someday. hehehe… No ads, but you can earn bucks… Big BUCKS! Wooot!

  51. geb0i Avatar

    @jehzlau si yatotchronicles ba pinaguusapan nyo? hehe..

    Again, patay gutom really rocks because it indulges me to visit it day by day. ^^..

    1. jehzlau Avatar

      Yep yep.. si yatot. hehe

  52. PRETSEL MAKER Avatar

    Patay Gutom Rocks because i’m one of them

  53. Angeli Cruz Avatar
    Angeli Cruz

    Patay Gutom rocks because they can easily lure me into trying the same things they blog about. That makes me unleash my inner patay gutom!!!hahaha….

  54. bryan Avatar

    patay gutom rocks because it is combination of patay and gutom. ^_^. lol! that makes it unique.

  55. Rina Alcantara Avatar

    The keychain rocks!

    Haha! So does! πŸ˜›

    Galing! I agree with Mica, shirt naman kasunod!


  56. elmot Avatar

    Tindi! Wow, congrats Jehz! Love the keychain, ganda…wooot!

  57. Shawie Avatar

    Thanks sa keychain Jehz ang bangis umabot ng Singapore hehehe

    1. jehzlau Avatar

      Welcome shawie! hahahha. πŸ˜€ woooot! Thanks sa roasted peking duck πŸ˜›

  58. jan geronimo Avatar

    Marvelous giveaway, Jhez. Merry Christmas to you and the cool and lovely people of Patay Gutom. πŸ™‚

  59. Ambo Avatar

    Patay gutom rocks because you also rock!!! Wala na ako maisip kasi keychain yung nasa isip ko lols. Enge ako! haha

  60. Carlos Avatar

    Sa mga hindi umabot. will also be giving away 3 keychains of PatayGutom since TheChubbyChef aka. Me is an official Patay Gutom respondent! W00t! Thanks Jehz. I might also be giving away a couple on So just wait for the post!

  61. dRei Avatar

    Patay Gutom rocks because I want that keychain.

    Hingi ng keychain jehz…

  62. Pinay Mommy Avatar

    Just visiting again. So, how are the patay gutoms here? Did I get a patay gutom key chain? πŸ˜€

  63. Faust Avatar

    is these keychains for free? pahingi pls.??

    1. jehzlau Avatar

      Yep. Just state your reason why Patay Gutom rocks. hehehehe. πŸ˜€

  64. Faust Avatar

    free po ba ang keychains?

  65. Chris Avatar

    wooo ganda ng keychain..late na ba ko..pede ba ko makahingi nyan…

    Pataygutom rocks dahil walang adsense sa site na tohhh..bwahahaha!

  66. val Avatar

    Pwede pa ba humabol? anyway, il just comment kahit walang key chain, hehe πŸ™‚

    PatayGutom rocks because of all the beautiful food photos that makes you patay sa gutom. ^_^

    Keep up the good work guys!

  67. L.A. Avatar

    Excited na ako magkaroon neto! πŸ˜€

  68. kuwait restaurants Avatar

    PatayGutom rocks! luv the pix… πŸ˜›
    at ang ganda ng keychain, pwede pahingi… heheheh

  69. Aimee A. Avatar
    Aimee A.

    How do we know if we won?!

    Nung 18 pa kmi ng aantay ng keychain…

  70. arturo d. zambrano Avatar
    arturo d. zambrano

    ok kyo! talagang patay na patay na kmi sa kaantay! hindi kmi kabayo no?

  71. Janette Toral Avatar

    That is one nice token PG team. You guys rock. Happy New Year!

  72. Semidoppel Avatar

    Patay Gutom Rocks because nine years n kami magkakilala ng auhtor nito pero until now di pa kami nagkikita.

    enge keychain woooot!

  73. hazel hufana Avatar

    pataygutom talaga heheh:))it’s really nice to have that one ….can i have one chain for just free:))))^________^

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