Cafe Xocolat: A place for Chocolate Lovers like Me

Cafe Xocolat Serendra
I have always considered Cafe Xocolat in Loyola Heights as a very cozy place to hangout. It’s a Wifi hotspot, and it is always nice to indulge in reasonably-priced quality chocolate products. I’m a self-confessed chocolate lover. :p

Cafe Xocolat at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City Taguig by Maki Eduardo

It was April 2008 when I was included in the list of bloggers for the Serendra and Bonifacio street foud tour. Cafe Xocolat was one of our stops back then and we were given a sample of their Original Sin Gourmet Brownie that was oh-so fudgy, a shot of their Taza de Xocolat (familiar with the tsokolate de batirol? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and I remember the last one was like Cordon Bleu.

Cafe Xocolat's Sample of their Brownie and Cocoa Drink by Maki Eduardo

Not everything that’s served in Cafe Xocolat is all-chocolate. They also serve other meals like what I consumed lately at Loyola Heights. I had Cream Dory with baked mashed potatoes on the side (which at first I thought was Creme Brulee hehehe ๐Ÿ˜€ ). The sauce was yummy and best when drizzled on the Dory.

Cafe Xocolat Cream Dory by Maki Eduardo

There’s always something which I come back for when I go to Cafe Xocolat other than their Taza Xocolat. It’s their Vanilla Mudslide Drink, basically a vanila shake with one of their gourmet brownies. Cafe Xocolat adds a kick to this drink by adding a shot of Bailey’s Irish cream.

Cafe Xocolat's Vanilla Mudslide Drink by Maki Eduardo

I’m always satisfied when I go to eat or drink at Cafe Xocolat. Servings are big enough for me..Hmm, well I wish the Taza de Xocolat would get bigger though! :p Haha! I’ll do another Cafe Xocolat post when I come back there. ๐Ÿ™‚

*prices of some products on the Menu are here


6 responses to “Cafe Xocolat: A place for Chocolate Lovers like Me”

  1. jehzlau Avatar

    I want cafe xocolat! Lalo na tong Vanilla Mudslide Drink, mukhang super sarap!

  2. Mikko Avatar

    Waw, super lapit lang nito sa tinutuluyan namin ngayon.

    Waaa, carbohydrates.. Nakakaba.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. jehzlau Avatar

    @Mikko punta ka na dyan! dali! hehehe

  4. reyjr Avatar

    Yummy. Sugar high! woot!
    I love this place – even just the smell is awesome. Nakaka high – sugar high. Hehe.

  5. Holly Jahangiri Avatar

    I wish they’d open one in Houston, Texas! I’m hungry, now, and it’s an hour to lunch. Thanks…

  6. dudung Avatar

    san nagra-range ang mga prices nila? magkano ung mudslide drink? ๐Ÿ˜€

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