Food Coma at Chili’s

Chillin at Chili's

I didn’t think it was possible to put food in my mouth after devouring mountains of food for lunch and merienda that day. But apparently, my tummy can take a wee bit more than I think I could. 😀

The boyfriend and I planned to go home right after work because he wasn’t feeling well, while I needed to nurse my dented sleeping pattern ruined by the previous night’s karaoke marathon. For some reason, however, we wounded up at Chili’s in Greenbelt 5. Oh well, there goes my once-a-week-food-trip rule. 😀

Al fresco dining

The restaurant was packed that night. The queue outside was so long but we were lucky that the boyfriend’s friend already had a table waiting for us. Then I remembered, it was Pay Day Friday! Hence, the throngs of yuppies. 😀  We dined al fresco because we’re a group of smokers. 😀

It drizzled a little, prompting us to move our tables closer to the restaurant. Luckily, it didn’t rain any harder that night amid the looming typhoon. How awful would that be to have rain on your plates, right?

The server assigned to us, Hanz, was super friendly. He should win the Mr. Congeniality title in their Greenbelt branch. Plus, he looked so much like our friend’s ex-boyfriend (Gerald Anderson look-a-like, I swear).

Boneless Buffalo Chicken (Php255)

Anyway, we all know how huge servings are at Chili’s, so I just ordered a Boneless Buffalo Chicken salad (Php255). The server wheedled me into adding grilled shrimps as my add-on. I assumed their regular salad would be “just enough” for one person but clearly I was wrong. Somewhere in Makati, a weighing scale was protesting. Haha.

I love the stack of grilled shrimps and buffalo chicken on top of the greens, blue cheese, bacon, carrots, tortilla strips and pico de gallo. The ranch dressing and the spicy sauce of the buffalo chicken were a nice contrast.

It was a heavy, heavy “salad” though. I didn’t finish it, as a matter of fact. If I had not eaten two slices of pizza some two hours before dinner, I think I would have been able to consume everything on my plate. 🙂 This one’s a regular plate lang–now, imagine the to-share size (Php450) of this dish. The horror! 😀

Beef Salpicao (Php595)

Surprisingly, the boyfriend let me order the dish he’s gonna have for that night. He let me pick the dish I’m most curious to taste, photograph and blog about. Haha. Such a supportive boyfriend! 😀

Picking one dish off their extensive menu was hard so I chose one that I was most familiar with–Beef Salpicao (Php595). It was a sumptuous dish, one that is made for big, grown men for sure! The beef was tender and juicy, cooked medium well. I like how the veggies on the side weren’t overcooked. They were still very crunchy (and exciting to eat). 😀

We didn’t dare order dessert because we were both so full. Next time I go to Chili’s, I’ll walk in with an empty stomach! 🙂

I love their food, the servers and their “yes we can” attitude. There is one downside though, which is completely not related to their food. I just wish they had more than one restroom. 😛


  1. I loooooveee the unlimited Nacho’s at Chili’s. Pag mahilig kayo sa Nacho’s, tambay lng sa Chili’s kasi di sila na-uubusan neto. haha! 😀

  2. I love your post about Chili’s! And good thing you have a very very supportive BF!

    I miss Chili’s steak. Makadaan nag sa Tanglin Mall tomorrow after work. Mukhang masarap yung Beef Salpicao. Sana meron dito sa Chili’s Tanglin Mall.

    And oh, bat parang shrimp yung Boneless Buffalo Chicken na nasa picture? Or natabunan lng ng shrimp yung buffalo chicken?

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