Hola TJ’s Mexican Grill!

Like what I did with the photo above? 😀

Anyway, on a lazy Friday night, we trooped to Westgate and enjoyed one of the most relaxing dinner-booze session I’ve had in a while at the yuppie favorite Tijuana’s Mexican Grill. Actually, Manong’s was filled to the brim when we drove by so we ended up here, which isn’t too bad of a choice. Known more as simply TJ’s, they try to be as authentic as possible–from their menu items down to the furnishings (too bad I don’t have floor photos to show).

Cheese Quesadillas
Cheese Quesadillas, my forevermore favorite!

Cheese quesadilla is one of the greatest Mexican food ever! Seriously, I can devour a box of these and I still would want more. TJ’s Cheese Quesadillas didn’t arrive as warm as I would want it to be but I love the excess of cheese filling inside. Needless to say, this dish was so bitin for a quesadilla-obsessed girl like me. I went through the dips like it was Nutella, finishing the salsa in record quesadilla piece–one. LOL.

Chicken and Spicy Beef Tacos
The two boys ordered a basket each of Chicken and Spicy Beef Tacos.

Pictured above is a two-taco set menu item. They have Two Tacos on the menu and then you just order which of the four (if I remember it correctly) variants you want in your taco basket. The two boys who were with me were clearly not too keen on going off the beaten gastronomic path, as they chose the same kinds–Chicken and Spicy Beef.

They were also not too keen on sharing since I didn’t get to eat a bite! I did have a few nacho chips. If there was anything to take away from their reactions, the Spicy Beef is the taco champ. 😀

Sonora Platter
The finale dish, Sonora Platter.

Somehow, we knew that none of us would be sharing our own orders that night so we decided early on to get an additional platter dish. We chose the Sonora Platter, which has buffalo wings, grilled pork, chicken fingers and fries. It’s an okay platter since I didn’t really fancy the buffalo wings much because some of  the pieces looked like anorexic buffalo wings. For real.

The grilled pork aka liempo and the chicken fingers were pretty decent pulutan though. Oh! Speaking of pulutan, I was happy to know that they serve BZB too. Thought you’d like to know that. 😀


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