Lunchin’ at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Greek Salad

I don’t do full meals at coffee shops. Well, that would be my typical answer if someone asks me to have lunch or dinner at a coffee shop. Breakfast, of course, is a different story. But the boyfriend and I had no choice when we had to run an errand around lunchtime in Makati.

With virtually every fast food chain filled to the brim with lunch-ers, we just had to choose Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

To be fair though, I will admit that I’ve always been curious about CBTL’s “legitimate” lunch menu. Hence, it wasn’t too terrible that we ended up here.

However, I’ve always hated CBTL’s seriously slow service (what’s up with this?! Every CBTL shop I’ve been too always always ruin my day) so I was pretty annoyed the entire time we were waiting for our food.

While I can complain all day about their sloooow service, the Greek Salad I ordered is something I can talk about in a good way. It is perhaps one of the most colorful salad plates I’ve seen in a while. Even the boyfriend agreed!

The colors really stood out and it looked (and tasted) genuinely fresh. I loved the feta cheese and the tomatoes the most. There were just too many olives! :p

Roast Chicken and Mushroom Futilli Pasta

Meanwhile, the boyfriend ordered Roast Chicken and Mushroom Futilli Pasta. When he set the tray on our table, he immediately noticed the seemingly lack of sauce on the pile of pasta.

The boyfriend was already talking about how disappointing it looked, how it won’t fill him up, and whatnot when he discovered that there was sauce at the bottom of the plate. 😛

He did enjoy this pasta dish a lot. The flavor doesn’t punch you in the face, but lets you enjoy its subtle quality. It has a nice aroma too! I, however, couldn’t quite taste the “mushroom.”






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  1. Mummy Ninja Avatar

    CBTL’s Greek Salad is my favorite! I’m an avid CBTL fan. 🙂

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