Malcolms @ The Fort

Every so often there pops out a restaurant which at first glance is full of promise. You see the eye catching buntings, streamers, and flyers, promoting the latest dishes or specialties. Your expectations are set and mind you are set high.

Upon ordering the prices seem reasonable and the food looks promising as well. (thanks to a great photographer and food stylist!) This was not the case with Malcolms.

Tucked away in a condo building in the middle of the Fort, this little unassuming restaurant promises nothing, guarantees nothing and yet delivers everything. From their LOCAL wagyu beef to the pasta and sausages, this small and cozy restaurant provides one the best worldly experiences I’ve ever taken. I came at 10 in the morning and had brewed coffee. The coffee was excellent. I will let the pictures do the talking for this one

I have to note though that they served us Wagyu Tapa and Wagyu Burgers.


    1. Maki if you want Wagyu, we should go to the Wagyu Grill Steak House in eastwood. One steak at Grade 6-7 would cost around 3k I think. Or if ganun lang ung price might as well go to Melo’s. Hmmm… maybe when I get approved!!!

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