Sushi King

Ever had that craving for Japanese food but you don’t really want to pay for something expensive or actually dress up and dine out with friends? The answer? Sushi King. Sushi King provides fast food service at fast food prices.

Although the quality may suffer a little to someone who is really craving something similar to Japanese food and doesn’t really have the budget for it this is a good place to go. I know Japanese food and fast food don’t really go together but they try to make it work here.

We ordered the following:

Pork Tonkatsu

Ika Fry Bento Box

Gyudon With Egg

Osaka Maki

For fast food type Japanese Food I’d still try Teriyaki Boy over this. But for the price, this is a good deal.

Sushi King is located at Market Market, The Fort Global City, Taguig

For my Gyudon bowl it was about P89!


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