Sushi Pizza Maki @ Tempura Japanese Grill

Last weekend, me and a couple of friends decided to eat at Tempura Japanese Grill in Robinson’s Place Midtown. And by ‘a couple of friends’, I meant they’re really a couple. 3rd wheel yet again. Yay for me. Good thing there’s some Japanese food to keep me company.

Usually, when I’m in a Japanese resto, I would order the usual ramen, tempura and some cali makis but this time I opted to try something else.

The lovers ordered the Tofu Steak and Uncle Sam’s Maki while I had the Ebi Wasabi Tempura and Temari Sushi. Then we all shared the Sushi Pizza Maki and I had my favorite Green Tea Ice Cream for dessert.

I have this OC thing with food where both the ulam and the rice has to be equally consumed per bite. The rice must not run out before the food and vice versa and calculating the portions make me frustrated every time. That is why I really love makis because of how it’s prepared, you already have the rice and the ulam in one bite. There’s no need for calculations.

I ordered the Wasabi Tempura because I wanted to eat something spicy, but this one left me a little disappointed. Although I could taste the wasabi, it wasn’t strong enough for me and my love for the spice. The Tofu Steak my friends ordered were better, in my opinion. I’m not a fan of tofu but the flavor and texture was just right.

I need to keep reminding myself not to order sushi. It’s not that they’re not tasty, I just can’t seem to fully appreciate raw food. I don’t find it appetizing. But there’s always that feeling whenever you eat at a Japanese restaurant that you have to order some sushi. You don’t even have to finish it, which is basically what happened. I ate the Ebi sushi, then tried the squid but barfed it out. I didn’t know how to eat it, it’s like rubber. And I don’t like crab meat either, so I ended up giving the rest to my Jgo and Kitt.

The biggest surprise was the Sushi Pizza Maki. When it arrived at our table, I was a little perplexed by its appearance. It definitely did not look like a pizza at all. The big slab of vegetables and mayo looked more like salad than pizza. However, upon having a go at it, the taste was the most memorable out of everything we ordered. It had rice and seaweed as its base instead of pizza dough and it tasted wonderful. The serving is already good for 3-4 people, which means you can split the price at P60 each.

Then I had my favorite Green Tea Ice Cream. With cherry on top. I always love me some green or milk tea and every time a restaurant has something labeled such, I would order it.

I have more photos playing with the cherry but they’re not that wholesome and you will only lose your appetite if you saw it. I can’t even look at them.

The overall service at Tempura was okay. My problem is that they didn’t have tissue holders and so the only tissue you get are the ones placed together with your spoon & fork, which is just one tiny piece. Restaurants should always have a generous amount of tissue prepared per table.


  1. Haaay… I should never read this blog pag malapit na mag lunchtime. Ansarap ng photos. Hehehe… When will you post more food blog posts again? Salamat po!

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