The Day I Went to Pho Hoa And Didn’t Have Noodles

Pho Hoa. Please excuse the quality of thy images. It was an impromptu lunch out so I only brought my pangharabas phone with me.

Pardon my absence from the Patay Gutom radar the past month of August. You see, I willingly abstained from frequent lunch-outs and dinner dates as I was seriously concerned my jeans were close to becoming of maternity size. LOL. All it took however, was a workmate craving noodles and there goes my diet plans down the drain. Oh well. There’s still next month to look forward to.

Last Friday (aka the day my diet was buried and forgotten), a bunch of workmates and I cabbed to Paseo Center just to fulfill a friend’s desire to have Pho Hoa noodles for lunch. Paseo Center is now a far-and-away foodie place for me because I now work in Ayala FGU. Before, Paseo Center was a cartwheel away.

Initially, I wanted to have Beef Stew or perhaps try a new bowl of noodles I haven’t had before. But the idea of working through the evening with only a bowl of noodles to sustain me forced me to quickly switch it up and go for–what the hell–a rice meal. :[

(L-R) J taking pictures, my Grilled Pork with Spring Rolls + Rice, some seafood noodles and of course, the Beef Stew.
(L-R) J taking pictures, my Grilled Pork with Spring Rolls + Rice, some seafood noodles and of course, the Beef Stew.

Gosh the image quality is so bad.

I’ve had the Beef Stew before and I know it’s so yummy so I let the opportunity to enjoy a hot bowl of noodles slip  just so I could really fill myself up with grilled pork, spring rolls and rice. To be honest, the grilled pork strips didn’t stray from the usual Pinoy flavor. It was mildly sweet and perfectly tender. I love the spring rolls though! It was bursting with flavor despite its  unexciting presentation.

I finished my rice plate before the two girls were halfway done with their noodles. Next time I’m at Pho Hoa, I’m really going for their noodles. Swear.

What’s your favorite Pho Hoa dish? 🙂

P.S. Let me just quickly note that service (when we were there) was terrible. We’ve probably gone through every conversation topic possible before my plate arrived. 





5 responses to “The Day I Went to Pho Hoa And Didn’t Have Noodles”

  1. Veej Avatar

    I always get noodles when I dine at Pho Hoa. Haha! My favorite pho hoa dish is the Nam Gau Gan Sach!

    1. corrine Avatar

      Yeah I usually get noodles too but I don’t care much for their Vietnamese names. What’s Nam Gau Gan Sach in English? LOL!

  2. All Things Juliet Avatar

    I’ve never been to Pho Hoa. In fact, I just heard about it from this post, :D. I live in a 4-walled jungle, that’s why. Maybe someday, if I have enough extra cash to spend, I’ll try to dine in such places. Uhmm, I’d love to try the beef stew. It’s perfect for the rainy season.

  3. Jesus Avatar

    Yum yum! Matagal akong nawala ah. Bago na ang theme ng PG. 🙂

    1. jehzlau Avatar

      Yeah! hehehehe.. marami pa magbabago dito! abangan!

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