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Breakfast At Buddy’s: Pancit Lucban & Longganisang Lucban

Saturday, May 12th, 2012

I don’t usually eat breakfast because basically I’m not a morning person. Most of the time I wake up at around 11am and anything I’d eat during that time won’t be called breakfast anymore. However, today is no ordinary day. I woke in a place located in one of the busy streets of Makati and everyone’s waking up early. In as much as I want to stay in bed, the noise of the vehicles outside won’t be a nice lullaby.

I don’t know how to roam around Makati so I just tagged along with my friend as we roam around the city. We stopped at The Link and decided to eat our breakfast at Buddy’s. I found out that the place was originally from Lucban, Quezon.


Waffles at Diner

Friday, December 4th, 2009

Cinema Waffles: Golden waffle with fruits and served with maple butter. PhP125.00

Waffles with fruits, is a perfect way to start your mornings. A little carbo for that energy you need plus vitamin Cs from the fruits, to help you fight the viruses lurking around, specially in the MRTs and LRTs.