Category: Ice Cream

  • Cofifi Cafe’s Brownie ala Mode

    I’ve been cafe-hopping around in Cebu and most of the Cafe’s, I realized are too, well, uniformed. For example if you go to Starbucks, you can sense it’s the usual Starbucks and then when you go to another you associate with the “usual” word. Few weeks ago I decided to go to something new and […]

  • A Dessert from Iceberg Drives the Stress Away!

    What is the best dessert that can drive all the stress from your body and mind away? ICE CREAM! After having dinner at Food Choices Glorietta, PG respondents Winston and Mica went straight to a branch of Iceberg in order to taste two of their best-selling ice creams: The one with Strawberry and Mango (sorry […]