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  • The Diner

    Okay, here’s the resto where the first two post are prepared, Diner at 1347 M. Adriatico Street, Malate, Manila, beside Barrio Fiesta. And you can reach them thru: 521 2716, 521 7884,and 400 9452.

  • Pancakes at Diner

    Pancake Drama: Classic pancakes with fruit and served with mapple butter. PhP116.00 These pancakes are obviously American inspired, (well, most of pancakes in the Philippines are liked these) the most common we can see in the market, where¬†number of food processing companies offer quick or ready mix, one-step cooking and¬†the most common breakfast aside from […]

  • Waffles at Diner

    Waffles with fruits, is a perfect way to start your mornings. A little carbo for that energy you need plus vitamin Cs from the fruits, to help you fight the viruses lurking around, specially in the MRTs and LRTs.