Dark Chocolate Chocolixir by Godiva

Godiva chocolatier

One of the highlights of my Hong Kong trip recently is my visit to the Godiva Chocolatier stores. Nope, Godiva is not the beauty product company we know of here in the Philippines. 😛 The Godiva Chocolate stores are, unfortunately, not found here in the Philippines but if you visit other cities (KL, Singapore, Hong Kong) do drop by to visit because it is not very often that you visit such a chocolate store of class like Godiva. 🙂

Godiva chocolatier

Summer’s nearing in some countries that has four seasons and this chocolate drink is one way to cool off and chill. Since it’s almost always summer here in the Philippines (except when there’s a tropical storm) it would be nice if we have it here. But, summer or not… this drink is a sure winner to me! Even the cool winds atop the Victoria peak in Hong Kong would not stop me from taking a sip on this chiller.

Godiva chocolatier

I had my first sip of it when my friend bought one. The first sip was so foodgasmic that I said I really had to buy one of those… So I asked my friend how much she bought it for. When she said it costs HKD 42, I almost fainted! It’s almost like PHP 260 if converted! Nevertheless, I was craving so much for this taste of heaven that when we stopped by in a Godiva store in Sogo, TST (near avenue of the stars), I had to buy myself one! I just kept on thinking that it’s just like buying two Starbucks frappes… and it’s not always that I visit a Godiva store… So there, I have justifies my indulgence! 😛

It has actually five flavors available: Dark Chocolate Raspberry, Dark Chocolate Decadence, Milk Chocolate Caramel, Milk Chocolate Decadence, White Chocolate Rasberry. I tried the Dark Chocolate Decadence myself and the only flavour I have tried for now. If you want to try this for the first time try the Dark Chocolate Decadence first, this is the classic/original one.

Godiva chocolatier

I bought some of these small-packaged chocolate for pasalubong to some people in my office. They are so expensive that I unfortunately could not buy one for myself anymore :(. One chocolate bar costs about HKD 39. That’s about PHP 240!!! I’d be double dead if I buy for everyone!

Godiva chocolatier

Take a look at this chocolate collection they have… I’m pretty sure you’ll drool over this blog 😛

Godiva chocolatier

Click on the picture to enlarge to its original size… Yes… drool some saliva love (comment) on this blog post yah!

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15 Responses to “Dark Chocolate Chocolixir by Godiva”

  1. Blogie says:

    Chocolates!!! Awoooooo!!! 😛

  2. Badet says:

    I settled for Pacific Coffee when I was in HK, meron palang ganito. Sayang… I’m drooling over the chocolates.

  3. raziel says:

    WOWOWOWOW *drools* I want some of those.

  4. wow cool! sayang wala sa pelepens… huhuhuhu… ang sarap ng mga chocolates nila sa pic! ang damiii!!!

  5. Ayei says:

    woah grabeh ang sarap nmn niyan weee..I am craving for that one..sayang wala here sa Philippines.. I hope meron din dito shocks if ever magkaroon dito siguro babalik balikan ko yan 😀

  6. Waaaa, chocolates are my favorite as in, jan nga ata ako tumataba eh, hehe, oh no @_@. Pero, diet ako haha, no temptations muna, hahaha 😀

  7. raziel says:

    maybe you can bring home some of those chocos and sell it here in your website 😉 I will be the very first customer to order 😀

  8. jehzlau says:

    nung nakita ko yung picture kala ko USD.. buti HKD.. hahaha.. $42 for a drink.. waaaaaaaaa!

  9. raziel says:

    @jehzlau ang mahal kung $45 USD haha, around 2k na in peso…unbelievable =))

  10. Hannah says:

    @raziel woots tlga?? haha @jhez… let’s use your millions and purchase a godiva franchise FTW!!!!!

  11. nakakagutom talaga itong patay gutom. talagang blog ng mga patay gutom at patay na patay sa gutom. hehehehe…

    try ko rin magpost dito pag may food trippings ako. 🙂

  12. jehzlau says:

    @hannah – hahahaha! ang mahal! nyokkk 😀

    @tyrone – yeah.. nakaka gutom talaga.. post ka na din! woot! hehe

  13. Xandra says:

    it looks yummy~ make me wanna try =3

  14. […] *at KLCC where I always stop by to get some Godiva Dark Chocolate Chocolixir  […]

  15. Myrtie Brotherton says:

    @jullianarangel vlw:)

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