Times have really changed.


Imagine back then, cereals were just part of breakfast together with a good serving of cold milk and a teaspoon of sugar. Back then, the only choices that we have were corn flakes, chocolate pops, rice krispies and fruit loops. Today we have whole grain cereals, honey or sugar coated flakes and a lot more!

I was amused and excited as I chance upon Cerealicious in Greenhills and actually in most commercial areas near high schools and universities. With names that sound like a movie title, they have at least 27 combinations that combines our well-loved cereals with fruits, nuts, chocolates  and their homemade milkshake.

We tried the Jumango after going with the recommendation of the server. This is a combination of Cornflakes, Mango and Honey Crumble. I also ask for a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it extra yummy.

The smallest bowl is only for P50 which I think is worth it. I watched at the server carefully piled my bowl high with cereal, mango bits and a big scoop of ice cream. Lastly, she added a swirl of strawberry syrup before handing the bowl over to me.

I love the crunch that I get in every scoop. The milk shake was very smooth and the ice cream made it extra velvety. It’s also a good thing that they made sure to add in sweet mangoes to make our experience pleasant. Definitely sour bite here.

Peeking over at the tables around us, I noticed that the kids were happily digging into their chocolate coated Oreo & Juliet cereal bowls which has cornflakes, Oreo and chocolate wafer! You also have the option to request for choco milkshake by just adding P5 to your total bill.

Cerealicious is one fun snack that everyone can enjoy at any given day. I look forward to going back and trying out the other 26 flavors available. Perhaps soon, I can also create my own combination as well!

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3 Responses to “Cerealicious”

  1. Carlos says:

    Wow didn’t know they had milkshakes! I am definitely on the hunt for the best milkshake in town!

  2. whoa! I want to eat Cerealicious! mukhang masarap to waaaaaah!

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