A Dessert from Iceberg Drives the Stress Away!

What is the best dessert that can drive all the stress from your body and mind away?


After having dinner at Food Choices Glorietta, PG respondents Winston and Mica went straight to a branch of Iceberg in order to taste two of their best-selling ice creams: The one with Strawberry and Mango (sorry we forgot the exact name nyok) and Banana Split (not Roxanne, Angelica, Valerie and Cristine hehe )

Here are the cool shots:

Banana Split Time!

Banana Split Time!

Strawberry Yumyum!

Looking at the pictures makes me want to run and go back to Iceberg ASAP. I heard that Orange Ice Cream is also available there. Haven’t tasted that yet 😀

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This entry was posted by Micaela Rodriguez, who has written 13 posts as , on Thursday, January 22nd, 2009 at 7:26 pm and was filed under Desserts, Ice Cream.

5 Responses to “A Dessert from Iceberg Drives the Stress Away!”

  1. bigenya says:

    Which one was better? :-)

  2. manilenya says:

    no thanks! diabetic ako e lol!

  3. jehzlau says:

    patay na patay na ako sa gutom! ang sarap!!!!

  4. Micamyx says:

    @Bigenya – Errr… both hehe sarap pareho 😀

    @manilenya – sige na tikim na 😛

    @jehzlau – oo nga pansin ko nga PG ka talaga nyok (woot)

  5. miss_tin says:

    sarap lafangin 😉

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