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Friends and countrymen! Hear ye, hear ye! I come in peace and I bring you good tidings. It is my honor to introduce to you the latest innovation from Patay Gutom. What you can see above is the preview of our future oh-so-awesome project called “The Patay Gutom Mugs”. The Patay Gutom mugs are black mugs printed with white super awesome Patay Gutom logo together with its awesome URL. Yes… yes… I know it’s not obvious and you cannot see it with your naked eye, that’s why I’m carefully describing what’s printed on the mugs.

It took us almost a year to conceptualize the project and needless to say it is the result of our intensive brain storming and long sleepless nights. But I will say no more because finally our awesome project has come to its fruition. Everything is just so awesome! Believe me when I say it is so awesome because everything about it is so awesome.

To shorten your agony for waiting, allow me to give you a larger preview of our awesome Patay Gutom mugs.

And here’s the actual preview of the Patay Gutom Mug:

Isn’t it awesome?

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23 Responses to “Patay Gutom Mugs”

  1. Mikko says:

    Woot! Ang galing. Saan mo yan pinaprint?

  2. Winston says:

    ang galing. ang galing. wooot!

  3. jehzlau says:

    yes finally! hahahha

    @mikko di ko yan pina print.. inupload ko lang yan. hehehe. e piprint na yan next week. woooooooot!

  4. Rommel says:

    Waaah. Gusto ko niyan! San makakakuha/bili? 😛 hahaha.

  5. Fitz says:

    Yay! Can’t wait to drink coffee with it! 😀

  6. Woot! Pano ba ma-avai ito? may iba bang kulay?

    Pde ifeature sa Nomnom? 🙂

  7. czarina says:


  8. Ron1523 says:

    san makaka-avail?

  9. jehzlau says:

    @nomnomclub – sure pwede! hehehehe

    @fitz – ako din! hehehe..

    @Rommel, @Ron1523 – to be announced soon!

    @czarina – oh? nasa TV ang blog na to? astig naman. yay!

  10. Maki says:

    Wow! 😀 Eto na ang pinaka-astig na mug! Woot! 😀 Excited na ako para sa mugs whee! 😀

  11. Ron says:

    Nice! 😀

    I want one! 😀

  12. jehzlau says:

    @maki – super astigness tlaga! hahahaha!

    @ron – me tooooooo! i want one tooo! hahaha

  13. reyjr says:

    It’s just, well, AWESOME!

  14. Limferdi says:

    Wow! ang ganda n’yan. for sale ba yan?

  15. Chattee says:

    The long wait is over… I want one. NOW na! Hahaha

  16. Ada says:

    Tara benta na tayu ng mugs hehe. Pinagkakitaan woot

  17. carlos says:

    I’m waiting for the T-shirt! Which says PATAY GUTOM and respondent under! w00t!

  18. aldrin says:

    binebenta ba to? o ipamamahagi nyo ng libre?

  19. […] picture above is not a Photoshop version of Patay Gutom mugs anymore. It’s super real! As in very very real! The long wait is over! The most awaited Patay […]

  20. Gem says:

    Indeed, this is such an awesome concept! You guys are awesome! Awesome mug too!

  21. jehzlau says:

    @aldrin – libre libre libre! woHOOooO! heehehehe

    @Gem – oo nga eh.. astig ang naka isip nyang mug. astig talaga mga patay gutom! hehehehe

  22. frannywanny says:

    niceeeee i want!!! 😀

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