A Healthy, Hearty Lunch at Earle’s Delicatessen

Up close and personal with the black olives

When I was still working in “faraway” Ortigas (I live in Cavite, you see), Earle’s Delicatessen was my go-to restaurant pick on days I’m feeling fat. In fact, the boyfriend and I usually have salad from Earle’s first before we hit the gym. :)

I still have cravings for their bulky sandwiches and fresh greens, but it’s just too bad that an Earle’s branch is nowhere near our office building. :(

Luckily, I was near the boyfriend’s workplace yesterday so we met up for lunch and trooped to Earle’s Delicatessen. I’m not sure of the building’s name but we went to the one near RCBC Plaza–Columns perhaps? Finally, I got to satisfy my incessant craving for Earle’s!

Hello, love. It's been a while :)

I ordered one of my menu favorites, which is the Mediterranean Salad–a perfectly healthy (plastic) plate of ham, olives, toasted bread, greens, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes.

True to their promise of freshness, the veggies are crisp. Unlike some fast food restaurants, you won’t see veggies with wilting edges or something when you have their salad. Well, that’s me speaking from experience. :)

Meat Trio + Peach Iced Tea

The boyfriend had the Meat Trio sandwich, a generous serving of smoked ham, sausage and whatnot. I’m no deli aficionado so I don’t know my way around meat. Haha! :D

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