Crispy Pata at Crisostomo


I must say, this is the best Crispy Pata I have ever tasted in my life! A thousand points for the crispiness and another thousand points for the sauce!  Their specialties are actually Humba de Lagas, Pinakbet, Ensaladang Erehe and Lechong Kawali.  I haven’t tasted them all but even their not-so-specialty Crispy Pata is quite good!  You have to taste it to believe it! 🙂

The Foodies

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Technically, I’m the only Patay Gutom in the house…  But my companions Stephen (boss), Angela, Kristel and Vince are all GUTOM!

Why we ended up in this restaurant

My friend Angela just came back from London… and she was dead hungry for rice and pinoy food.

Hannah:  I don’t think I’ve ever been to Eastwood Mall

Angela: Ano ba!!!Pumunta nga tayo dun sa Saturday

Hannah: Sige!

On Saturday with my teammates…

Stephen (my boss): so, san tayo kakain?

We decided to dine on Filipino Cuisine. Crisostomo…

Angela was craving for the Crispy pata… we were just like “Sige pagbigyan na natin, nagsasawa na kasi sa pasta, cheese and bread yan eh”

So there you go… If you have balikbayan guests, take them here and dine at Crisostomo and have a try at their Crispy Pata… It’s nomnomnom to the bones!

Crisostomo Restaurant

2nd Level
Eastwood Mall
E. Rodriguez Avenue (C-5)
Quezon City, Metro Manila

Phone Number: (63 2) 710-1693

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7 Responses to “Crispy Pata at Crisostomo”

  1. Vince Santos says:

    wow…I wasn’t even aware you had this website as well…thanks for the recommendation, definitely will try it out (tomorrow…didn’t realize it was late already when I read this). Again, thanks.

    Vince Santos

  2. Kristel says:

    Nomnomnomnom. Naaalala ko pa si Angela na gustong ubusin ang rice. Hehehe. Darling, I’ll ask for the hi-res pics ah. The uploaded ones in your flickr aren’t downloadable in hi-res eh. Sabay sabay na lahat! THANKS!!!! 😀

  3. WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ang sarap dude!!! parang gusto ko din kumain ng CP now na! waaaaaaah!

  4. reyjr says:

    Mukhang crispy talaga yung crispy pata!

  5. carlos says:

    W00000t awesome pictures! I’ve been wondering about this now meron na incentive to try it out!

  6. Hannah says:

    @Carlos Panasonic Lumix LZ10 lang ginamit ko kse di ko dala SLR 🙁 Thanks!

    @Kristel I have edited settings for you 😛

    @Vince IKR… enjoy the rest of your stay here in Philippines

    @rayjr yum tlga and crispy ang skin pero malambot ang laman!

    @Jehz nagugutom rin ako everytime nakikita ko tong pic na to

  7. reyjr says:

    yan nga ang masarap. crispy ang balat tas super lambot at malasa ang laman. perfect crispy pata yan!

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