Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant in Cebu

Patay Gutom bloggers invade Cebu! If you’re going to visit Cebu, don’t miss your chance to eat at their very popular and proud dining restaurant — Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant.

Lalamon na mga Patay gutom
Patay Gutom bloggers Jehzeel, Cai, Mica, Maki, Van, Winston, and I, can’t wait enough to taste their special recipes and unlimited rice!!

Baked Scallops
Their small but terribly delicious baked scallops is a must order. One plate of baked scallops costs P119.00.

Chicharong Bulaklak!
Chicharon Bulaklak dipped in vinegar isssssss *drools* yum yum for only P88.00.

Sinigang na Hipon
Baby prawn sinigang soup will complete your rice toppings for P149.00.

Enjoy your meal with their delectable Gambas for only P175.00.

Once in a while, we Filipinos really love foods rich in fat and cholesterol. Especially for voluptuous customers, dining table should have Crispy Pata!

We ordered Crispy Pata but I failed to take a picture because it’s on Jehzeel side which is really far from me! Crispy Pata regular is P229, while Crispy Pata Jumbo is P295.

Nabusog na!
Jehz: “I’m not yet full.”
Maki: “You want some more?”
Jehz: “Nyok.”
Maki: “Nyok nyok.”

Tables and chairs
Eco-friendly dining area. No florescent lights are on. The roof catches a natural lighting from the sun.

Sa Labas
More tables outside restaurant.

Uwi na!
Patay Gutom bloggers are full. Look at Jehzeel, bakulaw na.

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11 Responses to “Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant in Cebu”

  1. weeeeeeeeee, uber sarap!! Just additional info ads, Golden Cowrie also has other branches but with a different name such as the one in Ayala Terraces which is named “Hukad”

    Regarding the pic sa crispy pata, tsk tsk, nasa harap kase ni Jehz. You know wat happened na *wink wink*

  2. Maki says:

    Wah! Sarap sarap talaga dun :)) Haha kaaliw naman yung dialogue namin ni Jehz hehehe panay pisngi kami hehehe :p

  3. reyjr says:

    Nyok. lol.
    Sarap nung scallops at ang ganda ng presentation. 😀

    Haberdei ni bakulaw Jehz bukas (12th)! 😀

  4. edz says:

    ginutom naman ako.. kain muna ko.. haha

  5. lainee says:

    sarap sarap! as usual, nkakamiss. once pa lang ako nakakain jan (kasi ang daming native kainan sa Cebu!). And now I remember kung ba’t tumaba ako during my stay in Cebu lol.

  6. madz says:

    Ah, oo, masarap nga diyan, kumain kami diyan nung napunta kaming Cebu. Hindi ko natikman ‘yung baked scallop, sayang. Kasing sarap din ba ‘yun ng baked scallop ng Gerry’s Grill?

  7. amf.. hindi ako bakulaw. wahhhhhhhh!

  8. nobe says:

    yep. yep. yep. this is one of my favorite restaurants her in cebu. for some reason, the food in the lahug branch is better than the others. but that’s just me. 🙂


  9. jehzlau says:

    Nagugutom ako ngayon. Parang gusto ko bumalik here. waaaaaa!

  10. Tiyo Paeng says:

    Saraap.. nagutom tuloy ako.

  11. anne says:

    will be in cebu this oct. hope to try this one!

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