Kinabuch Bar and Grill in Puerto Princesa, Palawan

During our trip to Palawan, my husband and I got the chance to dine at Kinabuch Bar and Grill. This is one of the famous and grill at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. I have known of this place when a friend of mine once mentioned that I should try it, especially their crispy pata.

Kinabuch Bar and Grill is also a fine place to drink and spend time with your friends and love ones. Played pop music in the background is also relaxing.

The place has a good and extra fast service. I hate it when food service is slow. Anyway, aside from Crispy Pata, Kinabuch also serves Laing, the grilled pusit (squid), large grilled blue marlin steak, baked Tahong, sinigang na hipon, Pansit and exotic delicacy like Tamilok, a wood worm and a lot more.



The setting is like any typical drinking place in Manila with an open air, while parking is the only problem, since most people are driven to dine at this place because of delicious foods at a lower price – P300.00 per head is enough to fill your empty stomach with a blast. So, if you plan to eat at Kinabuch, be sure to come early or have your reservations when you have a car.

So, remember, when you plan a trip to Palawan, your trip will never be complete without a visit to Kinabuch Bar and Grill. I assure you, this place is highly recommended by tourists, like me, and even the locals. Don’t forget to jot it down in your itinerary, okay?

* photos were taken using Canon IXUS 100is

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13 Responses to “Kinabuch Bar and Grill in Puerto Princesa, Palawan”

  1. reyjr says:

    I’ve never been to Palawan – but I do want to go someday soon. How do you pronounce this? Is it “kee-na-butchs” or is it “kee-na-books”?

    Parang sarap nung crispy pata – mukhang crispy talaga nung balat. πŸ˜€ yummy!

  2. aeirin says:

    kee-na-butchs kasi kina Butch ung bar =)

  3. wow! kaso ang layo. Palawan.. tsk tsk…

  4. Dwight says:

    gusto ko na kainin ung crispy pata :O

  5. reyjr says:

    ahh hehe!
    “Dun tayo sa kina butch”

    hehe. I like the baked mussels. yummy!

  6. aeirin says:

    @jehz kaya pagpupunta k ng Palawan, wag mo kakalimutan itry Kinabuch =)

    @Dwight, kung pwde lang magpadeliver. nkakamiss ung crispy pata

    @reyjr yup. yummy din ung baked mussels. d ko lang try ung Tamilok, yung wood worm…

  7. reyjr says:

    yikes. wood worm? luto ba yun… i only eat cooked food. and no worms pls pls. lol! πŸ˜€

  8. aeirin says:

    @reyjr, ung tamilok kasi kinilaw n wood worm.. lasang oyster daw. mukha lang syang worm pero it’s actually a mollusk na galing sa rotting mangroves. ung name daw n tamilok galing sa 2 amerikano. tinatawag nila ung friend nila nung nakakita silang may kumakain ng wood worm. “Tommy look”

    pero d ko rin try kasi I’m not that adventurous when it comes to food. =)

  9. patty says:

    uyy! Kinabutch!

    Nameet mo si Butch Chase?

  10. aeirin says:

    too bad d ko sya nameet eh.

  11. krinkleskokak says:

    this is a nice place and it was very memorable….

  12. rikomayel says:

    the place is great, service is good and most importantly the beers are cold, food is ordinary to me.

  13. Barrt toy says:

    we have been 4 times and would never go to palawan without going againfood is great so is the service and atmosphere just love the place

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