Quiznos: Sandwich Happiness


While I wouldn’t really “die” to try this chain, this friend’s nonstop praises and adoration for this US chain obliged us to stop by Quiznos at Alabang Town center. It was all happenstance, I promise.

Quiznos Alabang Town Center
See the balloons?

I think Quiznos just opened in Alabang because there were still balloons displayed all over the counter. Located in the cinemas area, I think they chose the perfect spot in the mall. How awesome it would be to ditch Taters or Smokeys for Quiznos instead? 😀

Walking in, we were greeted by really nice staff. I think one of the owner–or the owner–is there because one man gave up the table he was at to accommodate us. Real nice dude. 🙂

Small French Dip Sandwich | Php 195
Small French Dip Sandwich | Php 195

I ordered blindly for me and the boyfriend. I went with the French Dip sandwich. Service was really fast and I must commend how amazingly good this sandwich is. It comes with a “dip” but I think it doesn’t really help in propping up the flavor. I love the amount of meat they put in, plus the superbly soft sandwich bread. It’s not tough at all, but in fact tastes like freshly baked–then toasted–bread. So good!

This size is perfect for ladies. Men would find Quiznos’ small sizes bitin. Such is why I got the regular Garlic Steak Sandwich for the boyfriend.

Regular Garlic Steak Sandwich | Php295
Regular Garlic Steak Sandwich | Php295

What I got the boyfriend is the Garlic Steak Sandwich. It’s big and perfect for big boys!  Another sandwich from Quiznos’ Savory Steak lineup, the Garlic Steak Sandwich looks basically the same as mine, only bigger. Obviously, it’s just as good.

What I like about their sandwiches is the perfect steak to sandwich ratio. I’m pretty sure everyone’s aware of other delis’ tendency to stuff two-inch thick ham, lettuce, etc in between two sandwich breads, which then yield the sandwich difficult to bite into. Quiznos’ however, got it right. I could easily dig my teeth into it! Hoozah 🙂

Would I recommend Quiznos? Yes, of course!






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  1. Veej Avatar

    whoa! i love Quiznos! Garlic Steak Sandwich is my favorite! Oh.. i miss the Philippines, sana maka uwi na ako next year… 🙂

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