Duck King at Jaya One, Malaysia

Our gracious host and leader Mr. Timothy Tiah (one of the founders of Nuffnang) took us all out for dinner at Duck King located at Jaya One just outside Kuala Lumpur. It would be a chinese dinner. And it would be one of the best.

First to arrive would be the mapo tofu steak with seaweed or nori on top. The tofu was one of the best I’ve tasted. Nice and firm when you scoop it up but literally turns into liquid when you start munching. It was beautiful example of perfect chinese cooking. And then the main course started flowing in.

We had some deep fried Kang Kong which tasted alot like junk food snacks. That was gone quite quickly. The Peking Duck, Pork Belly, and Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet were all incomparable to anything I’ve tasted here in the Philippines. This was simply a divine meal. I didn’t know when to stop. With the absence of water or any soft drink to fill myself up, I just kept eating. It was beautiful. I am a big fan of duck. This meal was something. It was both unforgettable. We got to see the regular side of Tim Tiah. I admit I am a big fan of him and princess. (Audrey but no one calls her that anymore!) Thank you Tim for the food. It was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.


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