Dimsum Overload at The Royal Garden in Binondo

When you’re looking for a place to eat in Binondo, I suggest you try The Royal Garden. Not only do they have good food there, but you’ll also feel that you just traveled all the way to China because the place is usually filled with Chinese customers speaking their local tongue.

Me and my friends always go here whenever we want some authentic dim sum, which I believe is really their specialty. They have dim sum carts that go around the tables where you can just pick whatever you want.

When the cart passes by your table, be sure to get all that you want for they go pretty fast and you’ll have to wait another 30 minutes or so before the next batch comes. Here’s our first batch of dim sum that we had.


There’s a lot more choices in the cart but we’ve decided to have these first. It’s chicken feet, sharksfin, pork spareribs, siomai, beef balls and the crab mushroom thingy.


I forgot the name of this. So please leave a comment if you know what’s the name of this crab mushroom dim sum above. ๐Ÿ˜› Anyway, here’s a shot of one of my favorites, the pork spareribs – very tasty!


And if you like eating meatballs in spaghetti, then better try the steamed beef balls which tastes almost the same.


And doesn’t the sharksfin look delicious too?


Anyway, the first batch was just an appetizer for us. After that, we each ordered our own set of dim sum. We all had around 6 dim sum bamboo containers each. This was what I had for myself.


Royal Garden is located at 851 Ongpin St. cor. Padilla St., Binondo, Manila. They’re open 24 hours! So you can have your dim sum overload any time, any day! Woot!


19 responses to “Dimsum Overload at The Royal Garden in Binondo”

  1. jehzlau Avatar

    wow! sarap! makapunta nga dyan! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    NGAYON! WAAAAAAA 24 hours waaaaaa!

  2. Aethen Avatar

    sarap. it’s making me gutom.

  3. jehzlau Avatar

    24 hours pa! tara! hehehe

  4. drew Avatar

    Looks good, pare! But I dunno where Binondo is. Is that like in Laguna or something?

  5. Jehzeel Laurente Avatar

    @drew malapit lang sa amin koya.. sa may ongpin ba to fitz? hehehe

  6. Fitz Avatar

    Yes, sa may Ongpin… Chinatown, heart of Manila.

  7. Micamyx Avatar

    Hindi pa ako nakakapunta ng Binondo. Punta tayo minsan, mga PG!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. drew Avatar

    Chinatown? I dunno dude, someone might make nakaw my car.

  9. micamyx Avatar

    Ur so arte koya

  10. katrina G. Avatar
    katrina G.

    sweet jesus!!! “make nakaw my car?” really?!?

    what’s ur pl8 number. i’ll make nakaw ur car. i’ll even have it towed man^^

  11. Kelvin Servigon Avatar

    whoa…looks very delicious…

    BTW, ganda ng shots.. ^_^

  12. katrina B Avatar
    katrina B

    Really Katrina G? You will make nakaw his car?

  13. Ed Avatar

    Ang sasarap niyan ah.


    I make nakaw your car too, please. LOL

  14. Ms. CandyBlush Avatar

    Though I am chinese, I am never a fan of loving our dishes, maybe dhl un sa common siya for me or what – – or maybe kasi mashadong tasty sia LOL. Ayuko kasi ng may alat or betsin or so, haha! and too much sodium haha ๐Ÿ™‚ But, syempre pag ang tagal ko hnd nakakakain ng ganito, shocks, kain to the max na HAHA!

  15. jehzlau Avatar

    @drew – i will not make nakaw your car koya, just geb et to mehh.. puhleeease.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Aethen Avatar


    pare, the place is safe. there are parking areas naman na kung saan ur car is safe. (hehe)

  17. jehzlau Avatar

    @katrina G – waaaaah.. ang layo mo taga Minneapolis, United States ka pala. Paano mo nanakawin yung car ni koya? waaaaaaaa!

  18. siyetehan Avatar

    overload indeed.

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiii love chinese (food).


  19. dimple Avatar

    whiew! ang saRap ah! huhuuU! gnugu2m aqoe!
    hmf! i luv it!

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