Peking Duck Noodles at Singapore’s Chinatown Complex

Chinatown Complex Singapore by Maki Eduardo

So what’s a good find at the Chinatown Complex in Singapore? :p

My good friend just had the urge to eat Peking Duck Noodles at Singapore. In the Philippines, having a plate of Peking Duck is already considered as a luxury, but back there at the China Town Complex where we had lunch, a plate costs for about 4 to 6 SGD. A whole Peking Duck in Singapore is about 600-800PHP…way cheaper than the prices in our country.

Singapore Food: Peking Duck Noodles by Maki Eduardo

Peking Duck Noodles

My friend was really satisfied with his meal. He really wanted to make most out of ordering Peking Duck meals! Hahaha! :mrgreen:


  1. @Jehz, ikaw ba yung “good Friend” na tinutukoy ni Maki?
    Lol. If you still have time, look for a Food Republic. 😀 Sarap din dun.

    O, nakapag Night Safari kayo?

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