The Famous Batangas Bulalo

On the way home to Manila after a whole week of stressful work in Batangas, I coerced some colleagues to pass by the famous Bulalo place, Rose and Grace Restaurant: The Home of the Famous Batangas Bulalo for a quick dinner, before forging ahead to the potentially unendurable SLEX traffic. The restaurant is just off the entrance to STAR Tollway – no more than 10 minutes away – along Maharlika Hi-way, Sto. Tomas, Batangas.

“Rose and Grace” is a “turo-turo” type restaurant, not too fancy, not too expensive, but there is a lot of variety in the dishes they offer – from meaty dishes like lechon kawali, bulalo and crispy pata, to seafood like squid in oyster sauce, grilled fish, crispy shrimp and the like.

Must try of course, is the famous Special Batangas Bulalo (P350) – a hearty bowl of warm bulalo soup complete vegetables, and a massive portion of beef and bone, just the way bulalo should be. And don’t forget the “utak” or bone marrow – for the ultimate cholesterol high. Haha! Awesome. It is recommended to share – a bowl is good for 2 to 3 people. And for those who love to sip hot bulalo “sabaw”, it’s refillable!

Bulalo-Rose and Grace

With our bulalo, we ordered some Squid in oyster sauce (P220) and some very crunchy Lechon Kawali (P150). Their rice portions are also more than sufficient, and so we found ourselves with stomachs full and happy after dinner.

Squid and Lechon Kawali

Before continuing on our jouney home, we took advantage of the Pasalubong section in Rose and Grace and got some special polvoron, spicy dilis (anchovy) and peanuts with garlic. A quick homage to the statue of the Virgin Mary by the door on the way out, and we were off.

As it turned out, SLEX was heavy with traffic – the trip took longer than expected and so the stopover at Rose at Grace became so much more worth our while. I’m definitely going back again!


  1. @jehz – haha – lapit lang yan – about 20 minutes after you exit SLEX going to Batangas. Hehe.

    @micamyx – Sugod na! Baka maka discount pa tayo (ehem.. Benj..ehem)…

  2. @elmot – Salamat po Kuya elmot. hehe. Tara punta tayo Tagaytay – dami dun masasarap na restoran. =)

    @Kelvin – oo nga, nagulat din ako – pag gising ko na lang isang araw, isa na akong Patay Gutom! haha! Sarap bulalo – lalo na yung may utak. slurp. 😀

    @Doc Z – Salamat. Libre kita bulalo. Offer good until today lang ha. hehe!

  3. @reyjr – oh? 20 mins? Ganun lang kalapit? Parang pumunta lang ako ng Trinoma nyan ah from EDSA Taft via MRT.. wooooooooot!

    Sana may MRT na to Batangas. hehe

  4. yah, it’s nice to see how rose and grace managed to stay successful through the years. i remember eating there as far back as 30 years ago

    just make sure you ask for the bone when you order. sometimes if you just say “bulalo” you’ll get all laman. and where’s the fun in that? 🙂

  5. @dishesandplaces – oops your age is showing. hehe. joke. joke. – – I agree, they’ve been around quite a while, no? I believe I saw branches in Northbound SLEX Total station and one in Laguna.

    Bulalo should be with UTAK! That’s the best part. Yum.

  6. Tamang tama I’m going home to Mindoro today. Madadaanan ba ito? Malapit sa highway? Ah well – that is kung gising pa ako by the time dumaan ang provincial bus to Batangas pier. lols.

    Congrats, Rey. Lovely post – di lang masarap. Punung puno pa ng katalinuhan pagkakagawa – sa dami ba naman siguro ng yutak ng bulalo na nilantakan mo. Ahehehe.

    1. Yutak yummy.

      Lolo Jan – coming from Manila, it’s before you enter STAR Tollway – further down the road then turn LEFT at the fork. You will then see it on the right side of the road. 🙂 Lapit na lang after the left turn.

  7. Hello Rey,

    Mouth watering naman ang mga shots mo – nakakagutom. Patay gutom ka na nga.

    Jehz, honorary member ba siya? Puede ba ako? mahilig din kasi ako sa food, kaya nakikita sa aking pangangatawan- healthy. Tamang tama- dito sa food capital na Pampanga….(kidding) Kaya lang, parang masaydo yatang “ma-cholesterol” and utak para sa akin.

    Anyway, sana makakain nga si Jan on his way home…ang sarap ng mainit na sabaw ng bulalo.

    A well-written post Rey. Bravo!

  8. Sabi ko na nga ba magugutom ako pagdating ko dito! 😀

    Wow, I love bulalo! I’ll make a point to try the place when we happen to be in Batangas…

    Oh, and by the way, we’re having bulalo for dinner, just finished cooking it. No kidding! 😀

  9. @Jena Isle – Haha! Hinay hinay lang sa cholesterol. Hehe! Thanks for dropping by!

    @Dee – patikim naman ng bulalo! 😀 My mom makes excellent bulalo as well – yummy.

  10. I just broke my fast. It’s safe to watch the pictures now. Can’t stare at these pictures while fasting hahaha. But nice food review. Yummy!

  11. @Lyle – How is Ramadan so far? Ramadan Mubarak! Once in a while lang naman ang bulaluhan natin. 😀

    @Holly – Wow! It’d be great if you could try it – and tell us what you think. I know you’re a pretty good cook yourself. “Bulalo” is a favorite indulgence of Filipinos (hehe) and should be taken in moderation lest you want a shortcut to the ER! 😀

  12. @ceblogger – eto o i send ko sayo! =D +++beam+>>> tanggap mo na?

    @benj –
    Reyjr is part of Pataygutom?! > Yeah, I’m the youngest newest member!
    How, why?! > Er.. coz I’m a patay gutom. doh! :p hehehe!
    I love this restaurant. > :p Of course! The food is great!

  13. pano kya ng start ung bisnes,can you pls give me a tip on how to start a bulaluhanmatagal ko n pangarap mgka resto n knyan

  14. Rose and Grace!

    Whenever we go home to Manila after a Batangas trip, we stop by Rose and Grace. You should’ve also tried their Kare-kare.

    Super sarap

  15. @deng – better ask Benj instead. lol.

    but seriously, why not start small? There’s a restaurant in UP called “Lutong Bahay” where the actualy restaurant area is just their living room and their garage. That makes for a low startup cost. And if you have a killer Bulalo recipe, then you’re good to go!

    @patty – Thanks for the suggestion patty. OK next time I’ll have some Kare-kare and Crispy Pata. 😉

  16. im from mindanao and i wish i could have the same recipe of bulalo from batangas, am lawys traveling to atimonan and eagr to buy that yuro? pls advice.

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